01/01/2014 – Happy Beginning to being more dedicated to our Savior :)

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you’ve all made your New Years Resolutions and that you didn’t forget the past season we just celebrated-it’s incredible how Christ can help us to start over every day with his Atonement! and how He helps us to make goals and resolutions every time we turn to Him! Taking the Sacrament every week is like starting a new year! SO GREAT 🙂

So this week was kinda crazy! Christmas was superbbb 🙂 We got to visit a couple of women that were by themselves on Christmas- it’s crazy to me that I never really thought that would happen on Christmas. But it happens to sooooo many people. Those were some really sweet experiences visiting with them and being able to get a little peak into their wise and experienced lives! We also got to skype at the Hippens- SO GOOD TO SEE EVERYONE 🙂 haha sorry if I just blabbed a hundred miles a minute-I’ve realized more and more that I’m a TALKER-haha sowwyy.

So the other day  I was going through the phone and asked Sister Westlund who a couple people were in the contacts-and these were actually people that didn’t get recorded down anywhere except for in the phone! So we ended up getting a hold of one of the women and she actually needed our help moving the next day! Service! So we helped her move and she was a potential investigator-we actually taught her while helping her move and after helping her and it went SO well! Service can open soooo many doors and sooo many hearts 🙂 so now she’s our new investigator! Her name is Alienda and she is a champ! She got married at 16 in an arranged marriage (she’s from Cambodia) and just barely got divorced (she’s now 30 with two kids). I just seriously love the people we meet here, I have met soo many different kinds of people but they’re all SO nice and SO superb! A couple of our weekly and solid appointments fell through, which was a bummer but this Christmas season is craaazy so we’re excited that things are going to go even better this week! 

haha funny story from this week-a less active that we’re meeting with was telling us a story about the guy at the driving school that she doesn’t like…haha she said she got sooo mad at him and she told us “I was SO mad, I wanted to CREMATE him!” hahah I was dyyyying laughing later-she’s hilarious and I just love her to pieces. She’s Dominican and super great 🙂


We went to a member’s house for dinner named the Baretsky’s 🙂

We basically had a 5 course meal…hahah coolest thing of my life.

1st course: Smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers

5 different kinds of cheese and crackers as well

figs, dates, olives

2nd course: ESCARGOT! deeeeelicious! haha lots of garlic and butter basically- with a little bit of snail 😉 we had like 7 each! and that was on top of toasty french bread!

3rd course: this MASSIVE salad-cucumbers, shredded carrots, esparagus, beets, hard boiled eggs, etc. covered in homemade vinegarrette dressing 🙂

4/5th course: mashed potatoes, corn and meal casserole, honey glazed ham, sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and other things I can’t remember…

Dessert:massive bunt cake and chocolate mousse. 

haha soo I probably shouldn’t have written it all out but It was just the most epic meal of my life…

We’ve met with a lot of less-actives today that haven’t been active in an extremely long time. It breaks my heart to hear their stories and to hear how far they’ve gone from their Savior. I can tell that they NEED the Savior in their lives-we all do. It’s been amazing to see how simply praying with them or things like that can really make a difference or help bring a spark back to their lives. I love this gospel. I know this is the only true church- it’s not even just a religion but it’s a lifestyle-it’s an eternity or truth just waiting to be utilized 🙂

Hope you all have the greatest week! I love you SO much and I know that the Lord loves you EVEN MORE 🙂 What an incredible truth to know!

Lots of love,

Sister Smith 🙂


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