01/29/2014 This Gospel is true! :)‏

What a week!
Thanks for all your letters, you wonderful people!! I love hearing all the updates on my incredible family, even if they are assuredly moving away from the center of where we started it all 😉 haha as long as we all come back together eventually at family events 😉
This has been quite the exciting week! Ahhhh I just have to tell you, Edgar is FANTASTICO! Our lesson with him so well!! The Bishop’s wife was with us and it was sooo great having her there because she’s actually a convert and she helped answer a lot of questions he had. It was beautiful, we had it in the church and gave him a tour of the church after so he would feel comfortable with coming on Sunday. He is awesome, he told us about how he’s been struggling with a past relationship with his boss and how things were tense, but now he really wants to find peace in his life and to forgive him and do greater things with his life. Can anyone say…. The Gospel of Jesus Christ?? 🙂 so we’re super pumped for him, he’s already come so far and we’re just excited to see him make changes in his life and to be able to let the Savior in so he can be changed for the better 🙂 I LOVE this gospel! Just absolutely love and ADORE it!!!! Nothing better, don’t forget it!!! 🙂
Well I think The Lord is finding different ways to humble me…haha. I got sick again yesterday/ today. Which is the wooooorrrrssssstttttttt!!! I have the worst time if I get sick out here, cuz I can’t stand not working and making us stay in for things…but I fell asleep on the bike today in the gym cuz I guess I was just wiped. Remember how I never got sick at home? Yeah The Lord is definitely trying to humble me…haha I promise I’m working on being better though, physically and spiritually!
I know this is short, but we gotta do some stuff for Hermana Keanini because she is finishing her mission next week! So sad!! She’s our Sister Training Leader and our roommate and she’s one of the greatest missionaries I know 🙂 sorry this letter is random, I’m just really weird today! But I love you all! You’re the greatest family I could ever even wish to have and I’m SO GRATEFUL for youuuuuuu 🙂 🙂 :)I love you forever and always,
Sister Smith 🙂


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