12/4/2013 – “Hope on. Journey On.” -Elder Holland‏

Merry early CHRISTmas everyone!!!!

Haha not gonna lie, ever since Thanksgiving ended, we have been on a Christmas season high! This place is booming with Christmasness(?)!!!
This has been a sweet week! I’ve finally cleared off all my Facebook stuff so I can start proselyting via Facebook! We’re really concentrating in our area, so I’ve basically added the whole ward on Facebook haha. But I also would love if any of you share or comment on my posts to help create conversation of testimonies and also spreading of this wonderful gospel! Remember, I’m not on Facebook to chat, but simply to do missionary work. But you can definitely email me and I usually always respond on Wednesdays! Love you guys 🙂
We had Thanksgiving Dinner at the Hippens, and they are just the sweetest! haha they had a Foosball table so we definitely had a tournament and I got way too into it of course..haha I just get excited about these things! But it was an incredible dinner and then we watched Saturday’s Warrior! haha you know it! We got it approved by President Morgan before we went over and it was the GREATEST thing- brought back sooo many memories of watching it as a kid. AND Sister Hippen and I sang along to EVERY single song-it was marvelous.
Emily playing foosball on Thanksgiving Day.

Emily playing foosball on Thanksgiving Day.


We officially started teaching that man that I met in the library the other day-Renacimiento is his name. I practiced it like 50 times before we met with him so I would know how to say his name. haha he’s a Spanish speaker, but he knows English super well and says that he would like to have the lessons in English because it will challenge him. haha. I LOVE teaching him though. Well there are pro’s and con’s. He is incredibly logic about his thinking. So when we explain stuff to him, it’s like we could spend half an hour just talking about sin and what it really is. He’s challenging, but we love explaining things and helping him get that “light bulb” of understanding that gospel totally makes sense! The downside is that he has a reeeeally hard time grasping what faith is. He just has a hard time letting go of his logical thinking and just experimenting on the word. But we’ll help him get there! He’s awesome 🙂 He’s way sweet haha and he says that sometimes people call him Mario because he looks like the video game Mario haha. He’s a way nice man! We’re excited to teach him again tomorrow! Please pray for him!
We also got to teach the Veech family again- I LOVE them. haha this past lesson the dad wasn’t there and so some of the boys got suuuper loud and crazy, but we really tried calming them down (there’s 4 teenage boys we are teaching in the family). They’re a sweet family and we’re hopefully going to be committing them to baptism tomorrow! Please pray for them!
One of the hardest things I think is this ward is that there are soooo many less actives. Haha so you know it, we do look ups every day 🙂 haha most of the time people aren’t home, but we’re hoping to leave little cards of the Christmas Concert coming up, and we’re starting to call a bunch of them and leave messages, inviting them to our ward Christmas party this Saturday. Haha even if they don’t answer the door of the phone, at least they’ll have a message letting them know that the Lord is still aware of them. I still loving meeting all these people though and really trying to understand and know them. Not gonna lie, growing up I never had a problem going to church because we always went, no matter what. So for me, it’s hard to understand why people don’t want to go. but there’s soooo much to it! So hopefully we can do a good job of reaching out to these people and really understanding their needs so we can help them realize that their Savior still loves them and always wants them at church- it’s our place of worship, it’s our way of helping the Lord know that we are so grateful for His Atonement, for Him giving his life so that we could renew our covenants-partaking of the Sacrament is SUCH a blessing in our lives, we get to repent and renew our lives through our loving Savior each week. Nothing could bring me more happiness! Thank you Mom and Dad for always making that an extremely important part of my life.
We had district meeting on Monday and before the meeting our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders had our trainers go in for a little meeting and then the trainees (me and 2 other elders in my zone) go in for a little meeting as well. I love the leaders that we have. They are so inspired. They were just checking up to see how we’re doing and to help us along the way. To also let us know that our trainers just want what’s absolutely best for us and they really want us to be even better missionaries than they are. They’re all such incredible people, I’m so blessed!
Well I love all of you so much, you’re all such great examples in my life. I have always been blessed with INCREDIBLE family and friends and I couldn’t thank you enough for your love and support! Haha I couldn’t do this without you! And of course without my loving Savior. I know He lives and he LOVES each one of us, more than we can comprehend. If you’re ever feeling lost, lonely, confused, or down- PLEASE turn to the scriptures and to prayer. I know there is a loving Heavenly Father who WANTS us to come and plead with Him-to let Him know our worries and our struggles. And he promises us that He will be there for us, that He will lift us up! What an incredible promise. We don’t ever have to feel alone-
I testify that He is and will always be!
Love you all to the moon and back,
Sister Smith 🙂

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