12/11/2013 The Spirit of CHRISTmas :)

Hola 🙂

This week has been intensely awesome! haha I wish I could write forever, but I’m sure I’m THAT missionary that no one wants to read her emails cuz they’re way too long-am I right, am I right? 😉
So last week we had our HUGE Christmas Devotional/Reunion. It was with the WHOLE Mission! So I was able to get together with my whole district again 🙂 haha it was the greatest feeling to actually know people 🙂 It was an amazing devotional though, the Spirit was SO strong and I was once again reminded of WHY we celebrate Christmas. If you drop the last syllable, it becomes all about CHRIST. It’s my favoritest thing in the world to go about teaching about Christ, especially during this Christmas season. I know that people’s hearts are softened and that a lot of them actually do believe in Christ. So it’s perfect when we talk about Christ with them and then say- did you know that you can live with God again and with your family for eterrrrnity by following what Christ did and turning to him every day of your life?! 🙂 aaaah it’s the greatest thing, I wish more people would listen to us haha.
Last week Sister Westlund remembered a 12 yr old girl (Kimberly) that she and her old companion ran into tracting a while back, so we went back to her house and met her brother Angel who’s 15. We actually talked to them for a while and they are CHAMPS! Kimberly said that ever since she talked to Sister Westlund, she’s been praying and feels like God is gonna answer her prayers. I LOVE KIDS! haha they have SUCH great faith and are just so innocent and so true 🙂 She’s awesome. So we’re gonna go back this next week when their mom is home and teach hopefully their whole family-please pray that her mom’s heart will be softened and that she’ll let us teach them!
The Veech’s are doing well, but if you could, please pray for Sister Westlund and I that we will be guided as to what to teach them-they are suuuper quiet and we try to ask them lots of questions to see where their at, but I think they’re just having a hard time retaining the information.
Renacimiento has been super busy this week, but hopefully we’ll get him this weekend 😉
We also got a media referral for someone like RIGHT down the street from our apartment-we went and checked it out and it was this AWESOME and super sweet black woman. So I guess she just ordered Bibles on the website-but ya know the church is pretty awesomely sneaky and instead of just shipping Bibles to her, they sent the missionaries! Genius right?! haha so we’re going back with her Bibles this week and gonna teach her a lesson! SO PUMPED 🙂 haha sorry I just get excited about missionary work! I actually read a talk this morning that talks about how their are a good chunk of scriptures that actually use “exclamation points.” And of that good chunk, most of them are about….MISSIONARY WORK (Exclamation point) haha how bomb diggaty is that? So get excited about missionary work people-cuz it’s the GREATEST THING ON EARTH 🙂
haha sorry about the caps…
We also had our ward Christmas party last Saturday and Sister Westlund, Elder Fronk, Elder Schoenfeld, and I ended up narrating the whole Christmas show that went on during it…hahaha and we sang as well-it was tons of fun! it was great to bond with the ward members and to meet a couple of new faces too-everyone loved it! 🙂 haha too much fun!
IT STARTED SNOWING. Yesterday, literally snowing all day, no joke it was soooo great-felt more and more like Christmas! And we’ve been listening to Christmas music (it’s approved by President) and it’s just the greatest thing in the world 🙂
Please don’t forget the true reason why we have Christmas-we are celebrating the birth and the LIFE of our Savior, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. It was the greatest gift of all that our Father in Heaven gave to us and now we just need to decide what we can do-this Christmas season and also every day of our lives-to give a gift to Christ-or give of ourselves 🙂
hope your’e all having a wonderful and merry merry CHRISTmas season,
Love you tons,
Sister Smith 🙂
p.s. Sister Westlund and I are starting to read El Libro de Mormon 10 minutes every day, It gets me super pumped 🙂
This picture is of me and my whole district! (and our three adopted Elders that are waiting for their visas- two are going to Brasil and one is going to India!)
Don’t we have the greatest district everrrr? We were SO blessed that we’re all going to the same mission 🙂

6 Dec. 2013

6 Dec. 2013

This picture is of our CHRISTMAS TREE in our apartment! haha we just decorated it this week and now we have stockings from our sweet, sweet Mission President’s wife 🙂

6 Dec. 2013

6 Dec. 2013

This picture is of me and Sister Westlund and the Elders in our ward doing our skit/singing for the Christmas Party! Legitimately soooo fun 🙂 We were all such hams! haha I even got to do a mini little, dorky little dance 🙂 haha

7 Dec. 2013

7 Dec. 2013

This picture is of me in SNOW haha I’m standing on a picnic table!

10 Dec. 2013

10 Dec. 2013


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