11/7/2013 – First/Last P-day Letter Home from the MTC

Hello my beautiful family and friends!

Can we just first of all get a HUGE round of applause for my beautiful mother that was the biggest support and seriously is the reason that I was able to get my silly little self and all of my tons of luggage on this mission?! She’s amazing and did SO much you have no idea! 🙂

HOW ARE ALL OF YOU? 🙂 I miss you all so sooo much and truly hope that your’e all having a fabulous time in life and just soaking up the fact that our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the CENTER of our Gospel and that he can comfort us in ANYTHING in our lives. Incredible, right? Right!!
Haha so let me just tell you something….the MTC is most assuredly a holy place. It has been dedicated, and I can definitely see that everywhere i go 🙂 I LOVE IT HERE! I know I explained that in my last letter, but I have never felt the Spirit SO strongly and SO often as I do here at the MTC. I secretly with that every single person in our church could have even just an MTC/MISSION (hehe you should all go on missions, they’re incredible) once in their life, because it’s truly a time when you can focus ALL DAY on the Savior and on our gospel and it just makes the biggest difference!

I don’t know if i’m saying anything that I wanted to say, so bear with me. This may also be kinda a long letter, but hey it’s the only P-day I have at the MTC and it’s been one jam-packed and incredible week!!!
oh and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the Dear Elder letters! Ahhhh you don’t know HOW happy they make me at the end of the day when I get to hear from all you WONDERFUL people and get to hear about your lives and gah it just makes my day 🙂 You can keep “dear eldering” me until Monday because…dun dun DUUUN we leave Tuesday morning at like 3 am or something! we are soooo pumped! New York Citaaay here we come!

can I just tell you about my fantastical district that I get to spend like 12 hours with everyday? otay 🙂 SO there’s my one and only beautiful and irreplaceable Sister Jensen! She is my Sister and my Companionnnn! She’s wonderful, oh so wonderful
She, not even kidding, is soooo much like Kylie! I kid you not! She’s got sassiness and spunk and happiness and funness (does that make sense? haha) She’s also hilarious like Mikayla 🙂 and she’s got boldness like Sarah Shill! BAM! Basically she’s the bomb.com. haha one time I told her that sometimes when she makes funny noises or voices, that she reminds me of Hannah Montannah in the good old days back on Disney channel! I ‘m gonna send a pic of her and me, haha that’s basically all we do is take a companion picture every day. I need to figure out the picture sending deal…haha we’ll see! But she did drill team in high school so me and her talk about dance and how we are doing our best not do dance (haha I don’t think missionaries can dance actually, it specifically says that in gym but we’ll find out in the mission field haha)

I’ll just give a brief explanation of everyone just so you can have a glimpse into the wonderful people that I get to see everyday
Elder Reid- our district leader, sooo legit. He’s from Hawaii and worked at the PCC, haha he always talks like a black man and will say, can i get an Amen? and we all go AAAAMEN! haha he’s hilarious and has the greatest testimony! love it!
Elder Porter-reminds me of Bob the Builder (is that weird to say?) haha like he ‘s a cartoon cuz of his hair probably. But he’s hilarious, he says things that are sometimes way off topic, but he knows like every story in the scriptures!
Elder Smith (great name)-haha this may sound funny but I think he reminds me of the evil villain on Meet the Robinsins ( i think), but his voice we figured out is the voice of the invisbible cameleon on Monster’s Inc! Randal! BOOM! but seriously he’s super awesome, way smart, and a sweetie!
Elder Wallace- he’s just the nicest guy! He’s so agreeable and so kind! I can’t think of who he reminds me of though…i’ll think about it more.
Sister Steele- she is a little firecracker! She’s from Hawaii too but she was born and adopted from Russia. She’s my height aweeee yeah and she is SOOO good at basketball! PRO! haha she’s super cute, teaches me Russian, and we just have a jolly good time.
Sister Roberts-she is like the roots of our tree of our district ( I don’t know what i’m saying sometimes). But she is SOLID! She is such a great example of silent but strong. SHe’s kinda quiet but when you get her talking, she has fantastic insight!
Sister Fletcher- she was quiet at first too, but we finally cracked her shell and ohhhh yes she is HILARIOUS! I love her little quotes, she is subtle but so great 🙂

that’s our district! Pretty great right? So I just have to tell you….I think my free throws are getting super good! haha that’s what do in gym time, place speed or Thunder or whatever they call it and it’s way fun!

Sooo run down of our days? otay 🙂 We wake up at 6 and shower, get ready, get dressed! And let me tell you, I already feel lost and confused and incomplete if I don’t have my name tag on, it’s beautiful 🙂 THEN we go to class and have personal study for an hour, breakfast, more study time, TRC (which is teaching an investigator that may or may not already be a memeber), then we have class instruction for a couple hours, lunch, study time, more classroom instruction, then dinnner, then depending on the day we have gym time,devotionals, it’s just like the greatest thing everr 🙂
Have I mentioned I love this place? They keep us super super busy, and it’s ALL good things! Then at the end of the night we have like 45 minutes to do whatever (get ready, read letters, shower, eat candy haha, and then we usually write in our journal and lights out at 10:30! that’s my days here 🙂
Can I also just tell that it’s AMAZING how getting like 7 and a half hours of sleep can change your life? haha I believe that it’s apart of the Word of Wisdom, to get good rest, and the scriptures say it too, but really. it is making a HUGE difference! When i go to bed at night, I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but I don’t crash, i don’t like put my head on my pillow and i’m OUT, haha I actually lie there for like a minute or two and think about life and think about how blessed I am and how excited I am that I get to be on a mission serving the Lord! And I have SO much more energy during the day (hard to believe huh? ;))

So I know this is super long and hopefully I haven’t bored you to death (if you’re even still reading haha) But i just want to thank you all for the HUGE supports that you have been in my life. I know this is exactly where I need to be. I know this to be true. I know that the Lord has a plan for you and for me. I know that he works in the details of our lives-every smile, every tear, every heartache, every feeling we ever feel- He knows.
I absolutely love how our gospel is centered on Jesus Christ. I know that he IS the reason that we can have happiness in this life, and not just superficial happiness but TRUE and EVERLASTING happiness and joy in our lives. Isn’t that amazing? He truly is our strength and our support in our church. God is gracious, God is good, God is wonderful. Please don’t ever turn away from Him, He and His son truly are the way that we can have true meaning and love in our lives.
I love this gospel. I want you all to know that. I love everything about it. I love the Lord and I will continue to serve him to the very best of my ability, and MORE!
I’m learning SO much and I hope that I can continue to soak it all up as much as I can!
Well I’ve gotta go, I don’t have much time left.
Haha sorry this is so long, but I really hope your’e all doing well! I’m going to try to respond to all of you today, I really am- but they definitely do keep us busy even on our p-days here haha. Your’e all amazing! Read the Book of Mormon every day! Do it! You will never regret it and the Lord WILL BLESS YOU! You’re amazing and I’m SO grateful for your examples and your love and support.
This gospel and this church are true.

So much love,
Sister Smith 🙂

ps. you’re wonderful!

MTC District - Back-Wallace, Smith, Reid, Porter - Front-Smith, Jensen, Fletcher, Steele, Roberts at the Provo Temple

MTC District at the Provo Temple, Sun., 3 Nov. 2013  Back row, L to R: Elders Wallace, Smith, Reid, and Porter. Front row, L to R: Sisters Smith, Jensen, Fletcher, Steele, and Roberts.




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