11/27/2013 – Marriage Proposals and Rain – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!‏


I love you all SO much and hope that you have the greatest Thanksgiving you’ve ever had in your LIFE! I’m soooooo very grateful for each one of you-for the example you are to me, and for the love and support you’ve always given me in my life. Reflecting back on the people I was surrounded by back at home or up at school, I KNOW that I was SO blessed! I have always been surrounded by incredible people with wonderful testimonies, her serve and give their happiness ALL the time. So THANK YOU for YOU this Thanksgiving holiday 🙂
This week has been SWEET! Each week just keeps getting better and better, I don’t know how it can keep going like this- right? 😉
I just want to tell you that it has gotten colder…definitely! haha I started wearing tights and I just bought myself a nice, poofy marshmallow winter coat- it is BOMB diggaty! So tracting can definitely be fun out here- haha I don’t know if it’s the east coast or if it’s just the mission-but I feel like no one ever answers their doors out here…haha but it’s cool, we usually just stand there for a long time and knock a couple of times and just keep waiting and then head towards the next door!
Oh I guess I should tell you about the title…
so we starting teaching this man named Mike right? He’s SUPER Italian, a sweet sweet man and just gives gives gives to everyone! We met with him once and he wanted us to come over to his house and teach him again. He had to get an MRI the other day and so we went over to his house to see how he was doing and to talk about the gospel more with him! We had given him a Book of Mormon and he said that he had been reading it! HALLELUJAH I love when people actually read it- it does wonders 🙂 haha. So I always talk way too much in these so I’ll try and be concise. But basically we went over with another sister from our ward who is AWESOME. We spent time with him and he’s been in really bad shape so we told him we could have the Elders come over the next day and give him a priesthood blessing and we could teach him more of a lesson. He agreed and was super sweet and just LOVES us (mostly Sister Westlund, he adoooores her and always talks about her hair and how he loves it, haha :)) So the next day we were a couple minutes late because we had a problem with our toilet in our apartment, but we went out to his house and the Elders had already gotten there before us-but on our way there we get a call from Mike and he tells us that he does NOT want two strange guys at his house and starts getting really upset. So long-story short we end up telling the Elders to meet us at the church and Mike was upset with us and said he didn’t want us to come over then. It was a total bummer because we thought it would be sooo good for Mike to get a priesthood blessing and to meet the Elders and for us to teach him a lesson- but everything just kinda went up in flames. Then that night he called us and we apologized for the confusion and he was in a much different mood (I think it was the Vikanin that he was taking for his MRI) and all this jazzzzz and then he ended up asking Sister Westlund to marry him…
haha i kid you not, he was asking her to marry him and said he had money and all this weird stuff..and mind you he is a 51 year old Italian man who totally hasn’t been creepy at all until this point…haha SO she said no and basically we had to drop him because overall we found out that his intentions were not really to join the church-even though he is a God-fearing man.
haha so THAT was super funny after-the-fact and super interesting! haha poor Sister Westlund, she gets hit on a lot out here haha she’s a champ for taking it all so well!
But anywho, it’s been raining a TON. I totally thought I was gonna come to New York/Connecticut and it would be snowing, but it hasn’t snowed yet! we DID get our first snowfall, but it didn’t stick-it’s just been raining 🙂 haha I left my water bottle in the car the other day and when I got back in the car the next day there was a HUGE CHUNK of ice in my water bottle! haha it was soo cool!
We just started meeting with the Veech family too! They are AWESOME 🙂 They are sooo humble and so willing to listen. It’s a family of 5 boys-all above the age of accountability (so cool right?) haha so they’re a little restless but some of them are way into it and we can tell the mom LOVES listening. They are former investigators and all we know is that they went to church a couple of times but I think the boys were too restless after a while and didn’t like going to church. but they LOVE having the missionaries over and we LOVE to teach them because they just listen so intently! So we’ll see how that goes!
We’re also teaching a woman named Dana. She’s a sweetheart, she’s soooo nice! She struggles with some speech impediments but absolutely loves having the missionaries over too and loves to pray-she feels like life is just so much better when she prays. So we’re excited to get to know her better and to teach her the lessons and help her come closer to Christ so she can better her life!
Haha to answer some of your guys’ questions I guess I don’t really know what I expected when it came to missionary work, but I think it’s also just a little different in each mission and for each missionary. But we drive a LOT, especially since our area is so spread out and big and BEAUTIFUL. haha. It’s apparently the ugliest month of the year for Connecticut, so I don’t even know what it’s gonna look like when it’s NOT November-whoot whoot! But we drive a lot, so I guess I just didn’t think I would be driving so much, and in the city you walk a ton so it just depends on where you are. We do a lot of less-active look ups but a lot of times people just aren’t ever home haha. And I know if I asked any missionary, they would say the same thing. We call it “juking” out here. haha basically when you set up an appointment with someone and they either aren’t home or dont’ show up. So that’s pretty normal in missionary life, but I’m definitely still hopeful every time we go to a house! I think that was the hardest thing the first week, was just getting used to driving a lot and to not being able to meet with the people we planned on meeting with, and getting used to meetings. haha with all the Ipad and Online Proselyting things, and also with being new as a missionary- we’ve had a lot of meetings. But this week we haven’t had NEARLY as many, so we’ve been able to do more work! I love it!
I seriously have the BEST area and the GREATEST trainer and the FUNNEST roommates and the most INCREDIBLE ward! haha they feed us every night, and they give us missionary baskets once a week with food to just kinda give us breakfast and lunch and you should SEE the basket they just gave us! It had WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. I’m gonna get fat guys..I just know it… I know it..I mean c’mon they gave us popcorn…yeahhhhh you know how I’m addicted to that stuff..haha
but it’s great cuz we get up at 6 and work out til 7! haha every day 🙂 (except Sunday of course) and guess what?! I graduated to the elliptical! and my ankle is doing GREAT! Tender blessing 🙂
And yesterday I went on a split with Hermana Keanini (she’s from Hawaii and our roommate and Sister Training Leader and she’s the beeeest) and we went to the Danbury Library to contact some people on Facebook. haha because a lot of people aren’t home during the day but they’re ALWAYS online-so it’s SUCH a blessing that we can be online missionaries! But we were sitting at a table and this man comes up and sits across from me and starts talking to me about our religion. Well, over an hour later, I realized that we needed to get going to our dinner appointment! haha it was such a cool thing! But my head kinda hurt because I had been talking with the man so much and I had been focusing so hard for so long, it just kinda wore me out.
But I guess he’s what some missionaries call an eter-nigator. haha basically meaning he’s an eternal investigator because he wants to know about the church and he doesn’t progress because he understands things based off of logic and can’t get past the faith aspect.
But I thought he was super cool! He has gone to and investigated TONS of religions- he’s super intrigued about it all. I think the thing that he struggles with the most is just taking that leap of faith. He says he has a hard time understanding the Holy Ghost and understanding how to have faith. He also just feels like all the churches are telling him that they’re true and he doesn’t even know if any of them are right or if we’re all just making it up- haha so I told him to ask God, because that’s what Joseph Smith did and that’s the only way he’ll ever know for himself. But then he says that he struggles to know if God is real and if he can really pray to Him because he’s a VERY logical man. He decides and understands everything based on logic and has researched a TON. haha I KNOW that he’s intrigued and he wants to know because he KNOWS that something in this is what he remembers in his pre-earth life. I KNOW that he is spiritually thirsting for it because he KNOWS it’s true, he’s just gotta let his heart get through his head and stop thinking so hard, haha it’s simple. God is our loving Heavenly Father and he answers our prayers 🙂
Anyway I’m sorry I talk so much, but I just LOVE letting you guys know about everything that’s going on here! It’s awesome and definitely quite the adventure 🙂 haha oh funny story too- Sister Westlund accidentally hit a mailbox the other day, but the Lord blessed us and nothing was damaged! The roads here are all SUPER narrow so sometimes when cars are driving by it’s hard to get by. haha and then when we were carrying in groceries, she started to close the trunk and it came down on the box that I was holding in front of me-aka almost hit my heeead….haha it was HILARIOUS and I was dying laughing after that!
But I seriously love Sister Westlund, she is SUCH a champ, has taught me SO much, is so patient with me, and just is so kind to me all the timeeee-which is wonderful 🙂
She is so passionate about the work and it ALWAYS gets me going! She has SUCH a strong testimony and she’s such a great example to me 🙂 She’s hilarious- you would LOVE her!
Well I just want to let you all know what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving Eve. I’m SO grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ and for the incredible blessing that He is in this life. He and Heavenly Father love and care for us so deeply and so magnificently, and everything they do, they do for our betterment and for our salvation. I know that the Lord lives and that He is the ONLY way that we can be with our Heavenly Father again. This gospel and it’s teachings are my hope, my happiness, and my encouragement to keep going each day. I know that the Lord is mindful of us every day. I know that if we turn to the Lord each day-thank Him for what He’s given us, and express to Him how we need Him in EVERY hour of our days, He WILL be with us to make our burdens light and to show us THE way. I know this Gospel is true. I know my Savior lives. I KNOW that we can turn to the Lord for anything and everything.
I’m so grateful for all of you- don’t ever forget who you are or what you stand for. Christ is the center of it all 🙂
Love you to the moon and back,
Sister Smith 🙂

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