11/20/2013 – Ipads and…

HELLOOO Beautiful people!

How are you all doing? 🙂 I love hearing from you guys and hearing how life is for you! I pray for all my family and friends each night and know that the Lord is blessing you in your obedience and just in your ever day lives! He is a God of wonder and a God of mercy 🙂
So this week has been a WHIRLWIND! haha first legit week in the mission field! I don’t even know where to begin…
WELL I’ll tell you about our cute, little area! It’s called Danbury, Connecticut and we are in the Yorktown Zone! We have the COOLEST zone and the  greatest district, some of the funnest people! Everyone is super supportive and waaay nice, especially since I’m new and half the time don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing. But this area is GORGEOUS! There are trees EVERYWHERE. haha it’s seriously like we’re up in the woods, and there’s windy streets, but there’s houses every once in a while-craazzzzy right? but it’s AWESOME! haha the second night, we went to do a look up of a former investigator that moved and not gonna lie…. I was super scared-haha not about knocking on the door, but I was scared that some scary man was gonna jump out of the woods and attack us! It’s so creepy out here! haha it’s extremely dark everywhere and there are sooo soooo many trees and windy roads and deer and awesomeness 🙂 haha it was great! But it’s such a relief knowing that the Lord is on our side, that I have a wonderful companion who can help me fend off people, and that I took Kung-Fu for three summers as a kid (thanks Daddy!) 😉 hahaha but really, I know we’ll be safe! So that’s our beautiful city! We have to drive around a lot because everything is so spread apart (but yes the Mission President said that sisters don’t ever ride bikes out here, too unsafe and too cold, and it doesn’t look very professional or get things done quickly-so I’ll never ride a bike out here! haha)
OH and I have to tell you….please still love me if I get chubby…haha apparently it’s the upstate curse to get fat! haha and well..our ward is like the greatest ward you’ll ever meet. They feed us AND the elders (we share the ward with Elder Fronk and Elder Shoenfeld) every single night! It’s incredible! haha so we like don’t have to buy groceries like everrrrrr, haha the members are incredible and so welcoming and so warm and happy and I just adore every single one of them! But yeah, so. I might get fat….we’ll see what happens! BUT we do get to work out every morning for like 45 minutes! and guess what….our Apartments are BEAUTIFUL! and guess what guess what….WE HAVE A GYM! yeahhhhh we are SO blessed it’s insane! So i’m just being super careful with my ankle and I bike every morning! It’s grand! But seriously, I’ll send pictures next week of our apartment, it’s adorable! We share it with two hermanas, and I’ve been trying to learn spanish this whole time, but we hardly ever see them because we’re hardly ever home (which is good, missionary work wahooo!)
I don’t know if any of this is making sense, but BASICALLY
Our ward is only about 25% active, haha I totally took Mesa for granted with like 95% activity! So we do a ton of less-active look ups and try and find people, some people move, one guy we went to his house the other day and found out that he’s been a dedicated Catholic for the past 20ish years! haha crazy right? but they’re family was extremely nice and they said we could come back any time. hahaha.
OH and on Friday…
yeeeeeeah. Crazy right?! but crazy AWESOME! So for those of you that know what an area book is (if you don’t, just ask a missionary or a former missionary) our entire area book and our planner and all the gospel library and EVERYTHING is on our ipad! So each missionary in our mission has an ipad now (including me haha). SO we’re able to update like teaching records with investigators RIGHT after we meet with them, you don’t have to guess what the other elders’ handwriting says haha and you can sync it up with your companion and the elders in your area so that you can always have updated info! AND it has the list of our members and their adresses and such and then it has a map of everyone’s house and it has our planner and our goals. And our goals go straight to the mission president-he can check all of this stuff anytime he wants to! Anyway, we can show videos on our ipads, we have the scriptures, conference talks, reminders, our facebook- Oh i’m a facebook missionary now! haha well i’m still trying to clear off and reconfigure things on my facebook…haha but basically i’m strictly facebook missionary! So I just keep in contact with investigators and such on facebook, write posts that would encourage gospel discussions, I can hold lessons on facebook, we can do skype lessons as well- it’s a BOOMING and wonderfully technological time to be a missionary! haha I NEVER thought I would be doing missionary work like this! But it’s definitely hastening and furthering the work of the Lord! We watched a video from Elder Perry I think it was and he compared this time of technology with missionaries to the Restoration…the RESTORATION! It’s a wonderful time to be alive and it is sincerely furthering the work of the Lord! AMAZING right?! 🙂
So I just have to tell you a quick couple of stories
we are teaching a man named Mike and LET ME TELL YOU he is like one of the coolest people I’ve met. He is straight-up Italian! SOOOO Italian. haha he totally said “Forget about itttt” Like an Italian man would and he tried to get me to say it and it was HILARIOUS-haha we love him, he is so amazing and just wants to do what’s right! But he likes to talk haha so sometimes it’s hard to get in a lesson (but we’ve only met with him once so next time will be even better!)
And then we just started teaching a family of 6! The Veech family! They are so humble, and sooo kind to us! They don’t know much about the church at all, but they were meeting with missionares a year a go and they said that the missionaries just stopped coming, so we’re gonna find out why and hopefully going to bring them closer to Christ and get them to be baptized!
CanI just tell you that there are SO many religions out here! We went tracting the other day and i was BLOWN away! There are a TON of Catholics, there’s Pagan (ever heard of it??), Presbyterian, Pentacostal, etc. So it’s suuuper cool learning about all these different religions and learning what they believe is true. It’s just awesome because we know even more truths to add on to their truths and it’s just a wonderful thing 🙂
I’ve been kinda shy lately….shocker I know…but I don’t know what it is, I get so nervous! And I feel like-in my head I’m really good at understanding other people’s side of view, haha so when they tell me about their religion or why they don’t want to hear about our church, I’m like oh okay, that’s alright-haha but then my companion is like NO, they need to hear the truth! haha she’s so awesome 🙂 So i’m learning to be more BOLD and I’m learning that if I have the Spirit with me, I can teach anyone, regardless of how smart they are, or regardless of how mean they seem- I can do it because with the Lord, I can do anything! The Lord is amazing 🙂
So I know this has been really long and hopefully you’re not asleep BUT I just want you to know that I’m having a most wonderful time! I love the mission! It’s been a lot to process, not gonna lie, but I’m figuring out a lot about it, I’m learning a lot about myself, and I’m hoping to just forget myself and go to work! I’m sooooo grateful for all of your prayers and wish you the best week! Share the gospel with everyone and anyone you know! The Lord willl help you, I promise! He loves you and he LOVES His children, what a great opportunity we have as His children and as members of His church, to share the greatest thing we have in this life-with others! Especially with Thanksgiving coming up, you can show the Lord that you are thankful for what He’s given you by sharing it 🙂 We’re all brothers and sisters and we’re all just trying to do our best-the field is WHITE and ready to HARVEST, so let’s harvest some souls and bring them unto Christ!
I love you all so much!!!!! 🙂
Stay strong and don’t ever forget who you are as a child of God 🙂
Sister Smith 🙂

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