11/13/2013 – GUESS WHERE I’M AT!?‏

I know I spelt that wrong….but I promise I know how to say it! haha guys I LOVE learning new languages! I’ve learned just hello and goodbye and how are you in…Samoan, Chinese, The Phillipine language..I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s not Tagalog! It starts with an S…German, Russian, and a little bit of Italian and Fijian. I love it! I love talking to people 🙂
but guessss where I’m at….
DANBURY, CONNETICUT! You got it! haha my first area and I literally just met my new companion, trainer and mother, Sister Westlund! Haha well I met her like 3 hours ago.
Anywho, so story issss
We woke up around 2am Tuesday morning haha and flew out to ATLANTA, GEORGIA (Shout out to my girl Shae Stevens! I LOVED the airport there, so many fun people!) We had a little layover and then flew into White Plains, NY which is a tiny airport! So we flew in and met the Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Morgan who are WONDERFUL! 🙂 We then went to the mission home and had a Thanksgiving dinner and got interviewed, told where we were going, and had a testimony meeting and talked a while about New York and then went to bed! Woke up this morning and got ready, had breakfast, took pictures with our Mission President and his wife (mom they said they’re sending you a copy!) and then headed out to a Transfer meeting! whoohoo! We went to one transfer meeting down in Olmstead (the Bronx area of New York) and then we went to the Yorktown area of New York or Ossining! So I actually went to two transfer meetings because I’m in upstate and I met my companion at the Yorktown Meeting! Then we drove out to Danbury, Connecticut, which is where our area is!
We have like THE nicest apartments, they’re sooooo cute! And we’re living with two hermanas, I mean they’re not native, but I’m hoping I can brush up on my espanol skills and learn me some more Spanish!! they’re all WAY nice and I’m loving it! haha I’m kinda completely blind I feel like, I have no idea what to really expect, but I’m just taking it step by step and waiting from instructions from my trainer! haha BUT I have to tell you about the plane ride! AAH!
On the plane ride from Georgia to New York, I sat next to this sweet older lady named Debbie. I sat down and asked her why she was going to New York and then she asked me why as well and I told her about my mission and our church and then we proceeded to talk about NOTHING BUT RELIGION FOR the WHOLE TWO HOURS 🙂 It was the greatest thing everrrrrrr! And let me tell you, she saw our big group of 17 missionaries on this little plane and didn’t know what we were about but she saw Jesus Christ written on our name tags and she PRAYED to God that one of us would sit next to her so that we could find out what we’re about. Was she prepared by the Lord? ABSOLUTELY! 🙂 she’s the sweetest little Christian lady and she believes SO much of what we believe, she goes to Bible study every Tuesday and she’s just amazing! It was really cool, I got to give her a Mormon.org card and I got to read out of the Book of Mormon with her and I was just blown away by her faith! She was so great! I gave her my email as well on the card and told her to look at my Mormon.org profile so hopefully something comes through with that!
Oh I just found out that we have to go..hahah I guess we have a dinner appointment! haha so I will tell you all SO much more next week! haha I have so much to tell you but I love you all and hope that you’re doing so well! You’re all amazing and I KNOW that the Lord loves you! He’s only a prayer away!

Love love love,
Sister Smith 🙂


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