10/31/2013 – First email home from the MTC

Heyyyy Mamma!

I’M ALIVE! Haha just wanted you to know that 🙂 Thank you so so so so much for the Dear Elder letter! It was such a comfort and SUCH a strength to me!
I LOVE IT HERE! haha can I just say that with like 5 thousand exclamation marks?! haha This is the Lord’s work and I feel SO blessed and SO privileged to be here and to be set apart as a missionary for the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints! I love this work! I love it! I can’t believe I’m here! I can’t believe I would be anywhere else!

haha it all still feels pretty surreal and sometimes I get super scared, but it’s like the Lord said, If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. Also, if you have true love, ye shall not fear.
We never have to fear! If i prepare well and put my trust in the Lord, I don’t ever have to be afraid! If I truly love the Lord and truly love the people I am serving and teaching, I don’t ever have to fear! Isn’t that AMAZING?! 🙂 I love it!

Haha so people keep telling us that we just have to make it to Sunday and that the first week is the hardest and stuff like that…and maybe it’s because I’m English speaking because I think English speakers have it WAY easier because we already understand what people are saying to us…but I LOVE IT HERE! Haha sorry for all the caps, I just got a burst of energy because Sister Jensen (my FANTASTIC companion) and I just got done with dinner and I had a delicious chocolate popsicle ice cream thing? not relevant, anywho!
But really, I guess it’s only because I’ve been here about a day and a half, but I LOVE IT!

I have the greatest companion, just so you know!
Her name is Sister Jensen and I am not kidding you, we have SO much in common! Haha except she’s blonde and super cute 😉 hahaha. But really, she’s a dancer and did drill team FOREVER is a dance teacher and I just love love love her so much! haha we laugh waaaayy too hard sometimes, but we’re also super focused on bettering the work and on bettering ourselves and each other! ahh I love her so much! haha we both were saying how we are SO grateful and SO happy that the other person is super nice and non-judgmental because we both were terrified coming out that our companion would be hard to get along with. haha the Lord is merciful! haha we have a blast and seriously are always on the same page about things! I love it!

Well I’ve probably already written too long because today isn’t our p-day but they said we could email home to just let people know that we’re alive and doing well. We don’t receive any mail until tomorrow either, but i’m pumped for it! 😉 haha. Our official first P-day is next Thursday..haha kinda far but I’ll just get lost in the work right? I miss you guys SO SO SO SO much and was like freaking out-excited when we found out we could email quickly home! haha Sister Jensen and I were SO pumped! But I LOVE YOU ALL!

I know this gospel is true, without a doubt in my mind! It’s incredible. It makes SO much sense. I can’t even express to you all that I’ve learned so far, it would just take…well a really long time. haha. But I know that being a missionary doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with me! haha it’s all about our Heavenly Father’s children and the love that He has for them. This gospel really is incredible, it’s centered on families, it’s everyone’s saving grace, it’s centered on Christ, it can do WONDERS for every single person in the world! I want EVERYONE to know about it! They NEED to know about it! The Spirit is everrryyywheereee here and I could not be more in love. I love the feelings I’ve felt, I love that Lord has blessed me beyond what I could imagine. I love being able to teach, I love being able to progress, I love being able to get to know His children.

gotta go!
Talk to you next weekk!
Love you til the moon and back!!!Sister Smith 🙂
Emily and her companion - Sis. Jensen - 30 October 2013

Emily and her companion – Sis. Jensen – 30 October 2013


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