08/13/2014 – Heavenly Father is and always has been a God of miracles:)‏

Hi beautifuls 🙂

I testify that God knows us perfectly. I know that He lives. I know that He truly knows what we need in life and that when we are patient,
and follow His direction, He always blesses us more than we think we could be blessed!

This week has been simply amazing. Last Thursday we had the opportunity to go with Luis (been a member a year-was a guard at the
temple and is now an active member!) through the temple for his endowment! It was so beautiful and I just felt so many generations
rejoicing for him and his family. He and his wife are getting sealed in a month 🙂 The missionaries here have had such good success with
the guards, we are just waiting on Aunt Millie now 😉 hahaha

Oh and the Bronx zoo was sooo sweet 🙂 haha I love zoos WAY too much!! The red panda was my favorite! They had a camel too which was cooool. I don’t think anything can compare though to the Phoenix zoo and the San Diego Zoo, mama! Haha.

Today we went to he MOMA! I didn’t know what that was before Monday though-it’s the Museum of Modern Art. It was pretty sweet! A member in our ward got us free tickets, so nice 🙂 don’t mind my clothes, we went after helping a member move this morning!

Friday I went on a split with Sister Arquero from the Philippines, and she. Is. Incredible. I feel so blessed to be able to go with these
sisters because she is seriously the most selfless woman I have ever met. She’s a convert and basically doesn’t have any parents in the
Philippines and takes care of her siblings-she has such a strong testimony and brought the sweetest spirit with her to our area. I’m so
grateful for her!

Okay okay okay…now for what you’ve all been waiting for but didn’t actually know you were waiting for it….HEAVENLY FATHER FOUND US A MIRACLE FAMILY 🙂 He’s seriously the best 🙂 so Thursday night we get a call from another missionary saying that he had info for a family that wanted to be baptized in our area..so we said..uhh OKAY 🙂 haha.

So here’s the story:
Max and Livia Chu are from Bejing, China and for YEARS (we found out) they have been talking to a member that was their professor in China about the gospel. So the member calls us and explains that they are superstars and want to be SEALED in a year, sooo they want to be
baptized 🙂 we are SO excited for them! So we invited them to church and they CAME (greatest day ever when future members come to church:)) and they LOVED it! We almost didn’t talk to them very much because the ward was eating them up! Max is going to Columbia and Livia is about to have a baby-which is our entire ward’s demographic anddd so it was picture perfect. It was the most beautiful Sunday. The closing hymn in Sacrament was Families are Forever and I almost started crying we were so happy and excited for them 🙂 And the members that know them from China that are from Colorado and we are staying in touch with them and are going to skype them into the lessons sometimes too! Member missionary work is the bestttt kind of work, my friends! It’s a whole other level of missionary work and it’s the best kind of work, it makes me sooo happy to hear of other disciples of Christ bringing their friends and loved ones to their Father in Heaven!

Also! Norah is doing GREAT! We gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet last week in preparation for this last lesson and we figured we would
go over a few of the points, but when we got there she asked who was giving the prayer and then said “okay we got to go over this because I
don’t agree with the Adam and Eve opinion in here!” Haha she had read the whole pamphlet, made notes in the back with the study points and scriptures and just is basically the greatest 🙂 haha. Have you seen the pamphlets the missionaries give? If not, check it out-she did the
whole thing! Haha. But everything worked out and she understands the whole thing now and reeeeally said she loved and felt so peaceful when she read about the 3 kingdoms 🙂 now she just needs to get her answer, she is still really nervous about church because she had so many bad experiences growing up and just all throughout her life! But we know The Lord is working with her and she’s continuing to grow 🙂

We’ll I’m just about out of time but I just want you to know that I love you so much 🙂 I know that this work is the greatest work there
is, so go grab those missionaries and ask them what you can do to help out the area and to help God’s areas 🙂 aka the world! This makes me
sooo happy, you have no idea how happy we get when members just want to help, will pray for investigators, will come to lessons, fellowship investigators, and just testify to the people they know of the truths they feel. This is God’s purpose! Let’s help Him out 🙂

Lots of love,
Sister Smith

New York New York North Mission


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