08/06/2014 Queens, Miracles, and Learning to be Humble.‏

My dearest beautiful family and friends,

Thank you so much for the emails this week! When I opened up my email I almost started crying because I felt so much love coming from all of you! I’m so blessed to know and to be able to learn from all of you. Can I just once again say how much I love you all and am so grateful
for everything you do for me? Thank you!!

Sorry this might be shorter than usual…cuz were going to the BRONX ZOOOOOOOOOO:)

Debra came to church!!! I don’t know if I’ve talked about Debra but she’s what people call an “eternigator” haha taking lessons from
missionaries for long times of her life, but she came 🙂

Remember Karen? The Recent convert in our ward that is the funniest? Or should I say “They was wearing that Tommy Huffanigger” yes yes
herrrr:) We had a lesson with her on our split yesterday and so…Backtrack-she has a thirty or older son that’s living with her and he’s AWESOME. Every time we go over and we see him we say, hey you wanna join us? So yesterday we said, hey do you want to join us today?
He said he had to get ready for work and so I told him we didn’t have long and would be there for like 10 minutes. Still declined. We said
the prayer and Sister Roberts started to share a scripture…and SAMIRA came in and sat down on the chair sneakily and was like, I’m
just gonna sit in for a second…YES YES YES. I don’t know his whole background, but he has talked to the missionaries a bit before. We
talked about 2 Nephi 31:20 about pressing forward with a perfect brightness of hope 🙂 he loveddd it!! And we invited him to start
reading his Book of Mormon he might have lost! It was a beautiful lesson and Karen was sooo happy that he had joined!!! 🙂

Remember Millie? Aunt Millie the guard at the temple that talked about her nephew for a long time that says “alright alright alright Aunt
Millie, I’ll do whachyou say!” Haha well we were getting ready for an APF yesterday at the temple and we were writing our testimonies in The
Book of Mormons (idk how to make that plural, the constant debate) and Sister Tanner (my roomie) gave Aunt Millie hers because we talked to her for a sec about it and she said she had seen it on the desk and read a couple pages but wanted to start at the beginning! Yes yes yes

We had FHE at our ward mission leaders apartment last week with the Garcia’s and it was SO fun!! We have it again tonight, and last night
Sister Garcia committed to be baptized September 30th!!!! I know she can do it:) it’s hard cuz she’s really the only one wanting to be
baptized at this time and so we are trying to help her whole family see the importance and feel the truth! They’re coming though, we know
God works miracles!

Guys, life is real grand 🙂

Pride. I’ve learned a lot about pride lately, haha aka I’ve realized that I have a lot of pride…that I’ve had a lot of pride and I just
was prideful and didn’t think I had any…hahaha sorry I don’t mean this to be a woe is me session! But I’ve learned that pride starts in
the heart, and only God can help us truly change and soften our hearts. I’m starting to understand now why the Book of Mormon shows
the pride cycle over and over and over again!! Haha.But when we humble ourselves, put others before us, are grateful in every way, and
acknowledge The Lord for every good thing we have and that happens-we.Can. Be. Changed.

We are studying the gospel of Jesus Christ as a mission and it makes me really excited. Haha this month I’m trying to really delve into
repentance so if anyone has any good insights or things that they’ve learned, I would loooove for you to send them my way 🙂 love you!

So yes, we went to QUEEEEEEENS for Mission Leadership conference last week and it was absolutely amazing! I feel so blessed to have been
able to go:) we learned so much from the New York New York South Mission! They’re studs 🙂 And we made some really sweet friends!!
Specifically Sister Freeze from Cali and Sister Williams from Spanish Fork! It was sooo neat learning from them and just exchanging ideas,
seeing the way other missions run, seeing another Mission President and his wife and Assistants.

Oh before I forget…everyone go to ELDER KERR’s Homecoming!!! Elder Jeffrey Kerr from Mountain Viewww!! He was the Assistant to the
President for almost all of my mission and I respect him and have learned so much from him. It will be an incredible talk, that’s for
sure! He lives right by Hermosa Vista! So maybe Mormon.org it and see which church and time he is giving his homecoming talk. It’s August
18th I believe!

I love you all so much.
I’ll write you all more individual letters next week!
You’re amazing!!!
Sister Smith 🙂


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