07/23/2014 Life is beautiful

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ALOHA Family 🙂

Haha I felt that was appropriate since you’re in HAWAII! Haha hope you’re having a blast! 🙂

Guys. This week has been phenomenal!! I know I say things similar to that every week, but REALLY it’s just been a beautiful time here in
Manhattan and Harlem!

So to start off, today is transfers and…Soster Toone and I are staying together another cycle!!!!!!!! Haha I was SO happy, I love this girl way too much 🙂 she is seriously like a mixture of Megan, Sarah, and Mikayla, need I say more??

So we have started teaching this INCREDIBLE woman named Lucy. She is a media referral-in this specific instance she referred herself actually and wanted a Book of Mormon. Sometimes media referrals are legit and then sometimes they’re kind of falsey? Is that a word? But anyway, doesn’t matter-LUCY IS THE BEST! 🙂 she heard about the church from her friend in high school (everyone taking notes? Ben, Chad??:)) and then later on in her life she decided she really wanted to have a connection with her Heavenly Father. She simply blows me away. As we have taught her, we’ve asked her how to explain things in her own words and she does so sooo eloquently, it’s beautiful 🙂 but we’ve really been trying to make sure that she’s understanding things as we go (thank you so much Jay:) and she explained the Restoration like a meal. You have all the components, the meat, veggies,dessert,etc.but the churches during the great Apostacy only had the meat, or only had the dessert, only had pieces of Christ’s gospel. Age without the while meal, you can’t receive the full benefits of the meal, they were all good people trying to put back together Christ’s church, but they couldn’t have everything they needed and the full blessings God wants us to have. Basically, she’s amazing 🙂

We are also now teaching a woman named Norah. Oh man oh man I LOVE Norah! Her active member son used to live in our area and referred us to her. she is an older woman and he told her that nice people from his church could come and visit her. Hahahaha love it. So we needed to do some good How to begin Teaching points so that she would know what our actual purpose is, haha but sometimes I wish I could just go around and visit people, but we do do that, we just help them come closer to Christ as we do so. Anywho. She. Is. INCREDIBLE!! She has the strongest belief in her Savior and she is trying so hard to help her children have that same hope and happiness. I just die when we go and visit her because she is so sincere about the Savior and do is trying everything she can do be able to come closer to Him. I need to be more like that!

Karen, Karen, Karen, you know I love her 🙂 She told us this week that it doesn’t matter if she needs to take 4 pills on Sunday, she’s a
comin to church!!!! Hahah she is so passionate about this work, she is so driven to do what God wants her to do, and she loves this gospel
more than anyone.

This week we had tacos from the taco truck and…I decided to get Pigs ear! Hahaha not my favorite, but definitely an experience! Also, we
were walking down to an appointment and ran through a street fair, the just block off the streets and have hundreds of little tents, it’s

This week I’ve learned that I need to be so much better. Heavenly Father is always so patient with me, and sometimes I just need to be
given a little “I see the light” moment.

This week we taught a mostly recent convert named James from China. His sincerity and complete devotion to do whatever he needs to do to be able to go to the temple and to feel the Spirit in his life struck me really hard on Sunday. I can’t explain to you what he said, but I
know that Heavenly Father uses so many Incredible people in our lives as the vessel that we need to learn what our Heavenly Father needs
from us. We can try a little harder to be a little better. I know that our Heavenly Father LOVES us with a most pure and perfect love that we could not even understand in this life. I know that He is ALWAYS there for us, whether we turn to Him or not. He is our maker. He is our Father in Heaven He knows you and I perfectly. He answers our prayers, every day.

I know that consecration is a life time quest, and that every step we take is either going towards our Savior or away from Him, I know that
people CHANGE. That every day we can decide who we want to be, and that as brothers and sisters we need to be willing to LET people
change. Let people’s learn and love and grow. And that love is truly the essence of the gospel 🙂

I’m so grateful for all of you. I am SO grateful for your examples, for the people that you have become. I know that I need you in my
lives. I’m so grateful to be a missionary at this time, I know that I have been so blessed to be surrounded by the people that I see every
day. I know that God is working in all of our lives. I know this gospel changes me. I could never be happier.

Thank you for your prayers,
I’m praying for you:)
Sister Smith

Elder Berryman goes home today…I have LOVED serving with him and being able to learn from his example of compete consecration and
dedication. He will be missed by so many, but I know there is a huge and extremely warm welcome awaiting him. I’m so grateful for him.
ELDER BERRYMAN’S Homecoming issssss…..August 10, 2014 at 11am Arizona time at Lindsay in between Adobe and University!!!!! So
everyone go! You’ll be so glad that you did!


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