07/16/2014 The difference this gospel makes is phenomenal but can only be felt if we ACT on it! :)‏

Dear beautiful family:)

The Garcia family is on FIRE!! Their whole family came to church!!!!!! And now Ivan (less active) and Ashley (who are 21 and 17 and have a 7
month old baby) went RING SHOPPING right after church because we talked about them getting married and keeping the commandments!!!!
So I don’t know how much I’ve told you about them, cuz we’ve been having a hard time getting a hold of them this last month with their
proms, graduations and such. BUT they’re amazing 🙂 So it’s the mom, Jessica, her sons and daughter, Ivan, Johnathan, and Justin, and
Shania! So the parents came to church along with Johnathan and then Ivan and Ashley with their baby Sidney 🙂 Anywho, seriously it made
the biggest difference! We went back over to their house yesterday on a split and Ivan and Ashley were SO into it! It was incredible because
everyone in the family except the dad, were there! And usually Ivan is really quiet but this time he was testifying that the gospel keeps
families together, the priesthood is in the sacrament, baptism, and that he loves the gospel! It was incredible! And Ashley is really
understanding the priesthood now! Sometimes that’s something SO hard for investigators to understand and she’s only 17! It was beautiful 🙂

Tawnee is doing so well, she was the less active that was baptized in the church at age 8 and then stopped going to church at 10. And she’s
24 and now coming to church all by herself in New York City! We had a dinner with her and the missionaries we were switching her over to
since she isn’t in our boundaries, but it was a beautiful dinner. She talked about how grateful she is for us and for the church and how she
feels like it such a lonely city, but now that she has Heavenly Father with her and she can feel so much more peace and happiness! I’m soooo
happy for her, I know this is what she needs and I can already see the difference it makes in her life! She’s incredible!

Clauda ! The less active we went to the Harlem baptist service with now is going to come to church!!! We have this INCREDIBLE branch now
starting in our building that’s technically called the Mid-Single Adult ward. So it’s for anyone 31-45 or also for those people in the church that don’t feel like they fit the LDS “mold.” It’s incredible. And it’s done sooo much good. So it’s a separate branch and it’s over the whole island. Part of it is so that everyone in the gospel feels like they have a blast to come worship and not have to worry about the pressure of not being in a family, but also not being a young adult. It’s just a place where it’s all based on Christ-like love. Not that other wards don’t have that, but for a lot of less-actives or just active members of the church, it can be extremely hard when you don’t feel like you are comfortable. It’s amazing the way the church is!

Karen Martin is doing well, hilarious as always 🙂 But she’s been really nervous about going to church on her own, so we are gonna pick
her up now, please keep her in your prayers.

We are going to see the Norums tonight so I’m SUPER excited! This ward is very transitional, so I’m still trying to figure out on
Sundays who are members and who are visitors, haha especially with most of the ward on vacation 😉 haha but it’s always an adventure out

So this is pretty long and all over the place, but I’m so grateful to be here. Haha it doesn’t matter how little I get ready, how tired I am – there is no other place I’d rather be. I’m so grateful that I have the knowledge of this gospel and the knowledge of what REALLY makes us happy in this life. Stick to it! Read the Book of Mormon! Every day! Pray, really talk with your Heavenly Father every day, as much as you can. And when you go to church, really be there. The Sacrament is the greatest focal point of our week, and our time to make a personal and specific commitment for the upcoming week!

I love you all.
Your support and love is the greatest lift every week!

Iiiii looooovvveeee yooouuuuu:)
Sister Smith

P.s. The talk “Beware of Pride” is SO wonderful!!! Please read it today!


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