07/02/2014 Sweet week and I’m feeling great!

Hola familia!!
Ahhh man I love it here 🙂 the people are WONDERFUL! We’ve had some recently called Ward Missionaries and they are on fire! No joke, members working with missionaries is the BEST way to do the work:)
Well exciting stories this week! Nick has been having a really rough week with things in his housing and some legal issues, so on Sunday we were fasting for him. The week before we went to pick him up at his apartment but he didn’t come and he was kinda grumpy hating that it was so early..haha so this week we didn’t go pick him up but we couldn’t get in contact with him. So then during the first hour…in walks Nick!!!!!! Sister Toone and I just turned and looked at each other with gaping mouths and we were SO stoked! He came on his own! I know that the Lord has been blessing him and helping him to be closer to God.We also had a SWEET chalk drawing last Friday! So we went to Union Square where there are TONS of people! And we started drawing a tree and words that said “Find your Family” and familysearch.org. Long story short, we got to talk to people about family history and just contact a TON of people! We had people write in the tree where they’re from! And of course in New York, they were from EVERYWHERE. It’s always an incredible experience talking to people from Taipei, the Caribbean, Ukraine, all places 🙂 and we are all the same, we are all God’s children! Check out the video on my Facebook!! And share it, share the love 🙂 oh and mom, I didn’t write the families are forever portion, but the sister that I was with in a split that day did! Sister Holdaway!!! I’ll include pictures 🙂 oh and I think we are from England and Denmark? Is that right? Or possibly Holland? I couldn’t remember…haha sorrrry!!

I’ve learned so much from the missionaries out here, I truly am surrounded by such incredible people with such incredible desires to help those around them come unto Christ:) we are so blessed! We had an INCREDIBLE lesson last night. Sister Toone and I were kinda down that day and we had a really hard time understanding why, but we had a really good heart-to-heart talk and really just turned to Heavenly Father for help through prayer and understanding each other better and Heavenly Father just truly is the best and allowed us to teach a most humble and beautiful family last night.
So we taught the Norum family. They are less-active and we finally got ahold of them and set up an appt for last night, so we were pumped! We talked with them about the Atonement and really focused on how Christ has helped them in their lives to comfort and guide them. It was beautiful, because they both expressed their feelings of the Savior and the Spirit was testifying to me and I think to the whole room that Jesus Christ truly lives. Daisy, the mom started crying when she talked about the temple and how it gave her strength. So at the end of the lesson as well, I asked if there was anyone they knew that needed to hear this message right now in their lives. And when I said that, it got really quiet and Daisy looked at her husband. I have never felt it so intense when asking for a referral but I didn’t think really anything of it. They said they would let us know if they did. As Sister Toone and I were walking out she said something that caught me off guard and I realized that Brother Norum was NOT a member and I had no idea the whole time! Haha hopefully that all makes sense. But it truly showed to me that Heavenly Father is the one in charge and he lovingly helps us in all we do AS we turn to Him. He really was helping that lesson to go the way it needed to and I know that it’s what Brother Norum needed. Hopefully this will help him to FEEL His Savior’s love. Because he knew a lot and the whole lesson he gave good comments, but as Sister Toone has taught me, we don’t become converted to the gospel essentially by what we KNOW, but by what we FEEL. God is amazing :)I’ve learned also a lot about trials this week. And it’s not that I’ve been having a really hard week or anything, but I feel like The Lord has blessed me to better understand what I can do when I am going through trials or rough patches. I’ve learned that trials are for our benefit! They really are! How else are we going to learn and grow and change to become more like our Savior? I believe that when we have “confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance..” (Preach My Gospel pg. 117) we LEARN from our trials and we won’t simply be miserable and hate our lives. Haha. I know that The Lord knows exactly what we need in our lives. He doesn’t give us hardship to sit and watch us suffer, but He knows what we need to help us become who He KNOWS we can be. He always sees us as so much better than we think we are-and for that I am SO grateful to our merciful Father in Heaven 🙂

Thank you all SO much for your prayers, your emails, and your love. You truly give me so much strength and always know what I need to hear. We all thank you from the South Manhattan Morningside Heights area because I know that your prayers make a difference!

I love you all so much
This church is the truth and it’s God’s truth
Sister Smith 🙂

P.s. Sorry I can’t talk long, we are going to the YANKEES game today as a whole mission!! Pretty excited, I’ll send pics next week 🙂
P.p.s. We witnessed a woman peeing on the wall in Harlem…interesting stuff out here sometimes! I was just about to talk to her too but unfortunately we had to keep going…haha

P.p.p.s. We also had interviews with President and he is an INSPIRED man!!

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