07-30-2014 Kindness Kards and Street Performers

Talofa family!

Hi!!! I’m so glad to hear that you’re all doing so well, seriously I love hearing all your stories, adventures, and testimonies 🙂 it all just makes me grin and giggle! This week has been so wonderful! And the weather has been gorgeous!!

Last week we had a lesson with the Garcia family (Jessica (mom), Ashley (soon to be daughter in law and her baby Syndey), Shaniya and her boyfriend Johnathan) and usually we have Johnathan and Justin (the younger brothers). But we brought Breena (recent convert) and Maritza (her soon to be mother in law) and it was AWESOME!!!! It was sooo good for Shaniya to see that there are women that are young (Breena is 24) and doing good things and changing their lives for the better! I really think it made the greatest difference for Shaniya cuz she’s kinda rebellious but secretly has the greatest heart. And her boyfriend, Johnathan was there and we found out that he is so into this! We gave him a Book of Mormon and even just as we were talking about the pre-earth life he was flipping through the pamphlet and getting so into it! I love that Heavenly Father’s children (all of us) can recognize truth and just want more and more of it 🙂 we are SO excited for them and are having a Family Home Evening with them tonight with our Ward Mission Leader and ward Missionaries! So excited!!!!!

Also…I have kinda a funny story.
So last week we were helping one of the new missionaries with her bags get to her area and as we were on the subway I started talking to this guy on the subway. And The Lord really knows me too well…so I’m talking to this guy on the subway and all of a sudden on the train a group of street performers start breakdancing and doing tricks and dancing and stuff to some music ON the train (it happens every so often actually-lots of street performers on the trains and down I the subways) but Heavenly Father knew that I needed to sacrifice because I wanted sooo badly to watch them dance, but I knew that I needed to be talking to this guy about the gospel. Haha Heavenly Father’s got a
good sense of humor 🙂

So the other day we went to Union Square again for an APF (Area Proselyting Focus) and we had people write Pick me up cards and told
them to follow the hashtag #kindnesskards and we are going to start handing out the cards to people that look like they’re having a bad day. Kinda confusing the way I worded it, but you’ll see on Facebook soon I believe! But it was really neat because so many people wrote down things that uplift them and a lot of them talked about Jesus and God and it made me happy to see how unified we all really are in this world. Helped us to talk to a lot of people too! And then there was this Hare Krishna religion that was trying to get us to eat their homemade cookies but we were so worried they had drugs in them, but then he showed us their booklet of beliefs and they don’t believe in any intoxication or drugs, so we figured we were good… Haha it’s been about 24 hours and no side effects yet too so hopefully we are okay…

Norah Hutchinson knows!! She knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet! She knows that the Book of Mormon is inspired of God and what He wants us to read!! We met with her the third time ever and this time we brought Sister Richards from the ward with us. Norah is now in 1 Nephi 14 and she is truly studying it and applying it in her life! What an Angel she is!! We think she’s in her 80’s and she truly blows us away 🙂 She had an amazing experience being baptized in a former church and she also is scared to come to church, so we are working with her on that and hopefully as she prays about her baptism and about coming to church, she will feel that peace I know we can all feel as we find
answers to our prayers, and she can act on her answer 🙂 I love this gospel and how Heavenly Father knows us so individually!

The Fords came to church! The Fords came to church! Hallelujah! It was a beautiful sight to see them in white too:) they haven’t been in a
reeeeally long time and we were so grateful that Heavenly Father helped them to put aside all things and to come renew their covenants.
You could see from their faces that they felt so happy and at peace 🙂 God is good 🙂

We met with Chanel last week and we were really nervous because she is having an extremely hard time right now, I can’t even explain to you the things she is going through. So we are trying to help her but a lot of it is dealing with money-so we’ve been trying to help her feel
and understand that the Gospel of Jesus Christ-the things we do and the example the Savior is and the sacrifice that He made for us, help
us to understand how to live a better life and to have hope for an even better life with our Heavenly Father. This lesson went so much
better than previous lessons! We ended up encouraging her to put up pictures of Christ in her little room with her 3 kids so that she could have motivation on positive and uplifting things, instead of the pictures of money she had hanging up. I know that Christ makes the
difference. I know that it’s through Him that we can change for the better and feel SO much LOVE 🙂

Jose-Lilianna’s dad is a sweet and humble man. We have been really trying to get him involved with Lilianna’s life more in the way of church and to help him feel the way he once felt taking the lessons in the DR. and this week…we had a combined lesson with the Spanish elders and us and Lilianna! And Jose’s friend was there visiting too! It was amazing! Jose said he really felt the power of the Spirit when he went to church and that family is so important to him. Amazing!! And then Lilianna made us Dominican food 🙂 soooo it was a beautiful night!

I’m impatient but the gospel of Jesus Christ is real 🙂 I am so glad that our loving Heavenly Father cares about us so much and understands that we NEED a plan to help us get back to him. He has provided the gospel of Jesus Christ p-having Faith in Jesus Christ, Repenting daily, making and renewing covenants, having the Holy Ghost with us always, and enduring to the end! I wish everyone could start to understand! I wish I could start to understand! Haha well being on a mission will hopefully help me with both! I’m so grateful we have the fulness of the gospel. I know that through Christ and His doctrine, lives are changed, tears turn into smiles, and hope is made evident every day. For that I am so grateful and I will forever proclaim His truth.

Love you forever and always,
Sister Smith 🙂

P.s. On Friday for Mission Leadership Conference we are meeting in…QUEENS-which is not in our mission, right? Aka we are meeting with the NYNY South mission as well! Kinda crazy exciting, we don’t know what’s going down, but we are super pumped 🙂 I’ll update you
next week!


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