07-09-2014 Every time we turn, turn to the Savior :)

Hey mama 🙂
I’ve been trying to be early on the mission and haha I’ve found that you’re either early or late, which is kinda hard, but sometimes I need a little kick in the bum haha.
This week has been SO WONDERFUL! I wish you could be out here, working with me, it’s a life that I wish everyone could experience. But I know that you have a work and a calling that will affect so many eternities, as our mom:) thank you for all you do. Your meals, your love, your dedication, the way you love people more than things and more than yourself is he greatest example to me. I love you!!!! 🙂

We had Mission Leadership Council last week! I loveeee being able to hear from President Morgan, he is seriously one of the most in tune men we have ever met. He has taken this mission and truly helped us all rise higher than we ever thought, and he always turns us back to our Savior. I’ve learned that the best thing I can do to be a better leader is to live the doctrine of Christ. So simple, yet so powerful. I’m so grateful for President Morgan, but I’m most definitely grateful for my Savior, who makes Progress and Hope possible in everyone’s life 🙂

Happy belated 4th of July!! It was a wonderful day! Filled with fun miracles, even though a lot of people were busy! Haha. But we did…get on our roof at the end of the night after daily planning and watched the fireworks from our roof!!! Super sweet! I have a lot of pics on my camera but not a way to get to a computer right now…sorry!

Karen is our lesser active that can’t come to the 9 o’clock church meeting and we’ve been trying to get her to the 1 o’clock for a while now. So we had a combined lesson with our roommates who are over that ward and then they went to pick her up on Sunday. She called us as we were walking out of church and said “my sistas, I’m waitin downstairs for the Sister Tanner and Sister Ormie, I’m early and I’m so excited for church! Y’all give me a call, I love you so much!” HOW do you not just absolutely grin and giggle after getting that phone call?! Happy happy joy joy and love 🙂 that’s how I feel! Haha. She went to sacrament and LOVED IT! Oh she’s the one in the picture that Sister Lyon sent you of me reading in gospel principles! She’s the BEST! I’ll send videos of her soon 🙂

We talked to Nick on Monday, and things have been really rocky lately. Well on Monday he told us that he doesn’t really believe the Book of Mormon connects with him enough and he is choosing at this time to not be baptized…it’s hard to explain but basically we had a good talk and he’s gonna stop meeting with us for a bit. It was really hard, not gonna lie. And I don’t feel like I did a very good job in that lesson-but I’m so grateful that Heavenly Father is watching over Nick and will help him to find more happiness in what he is prepared for at this time. Sister Toone and I have been talking a lot about it lately, and for me, that’s one of the hardest things-watching people deny the blessings of the gospel and sometimes it’s hard on our own testimonies. But I want you to know mama that I know that this church has the entirety of what Christ truly wants us to follow on the earth. The church isn’t perfect, but the doctrine is. I’m so grateful for my Savior, who was the perfect teacher, who did everything He could for us and for those around Him, and still forgave as He was so poorly rejected. I know He lives again, I know that He knows us perfectly and always knows how to comfort us. I know that He loves me and He certainly loves you:)

Please pray for Lilianna and her father. We are helping her prepare for baptism and she really is SO ready! But it’s hard as a 16yr old to be able to do all these things and activities on her own. So we are trying to get her father more involved as well! But we had a beautiful lesson Monday at Spencer Lyon and his cute family’s apartment about temples! And Lilianna’s mom passed away from cancer a few years ago and as we talked about her being able to take her mom’ name to the temple, we could tell she was so excited! This is beautiful work 🙂 and I know it’s real!

Elder Berryman says hi! We had our first Zone meeting down here and I seriously have learned so much from him! We have some incredibly inspired District Leaders and Zone leaders, I’m so grateful for them and their example!

I’m so excited for the day you get to meet Sister Toone-she is certainly one INCREDIBLE missionary. I’ve never felt so open with someone not in my family, especially as we have been learning about ourselves and growing together. I’m so grateful for her!

Okay we gotta get some funny stories in here…

Quotes for the week that are HILARIOUS!
-So we have a new guard at the temple and her name is Millie and she’s from Harlem. She told us some stories about her nephew and him sayin “alright, alright, alright Aunt Millie, I’ll do what you say!” With the greatest accent of your life! So now we call her Aunt Millie!
-Karen Martin, funniest lady alive, after we taught her about modesty last week said she was preaching about in on the subways to people around her (the besssttt right?!) and she said “yeah all those white boys be wearin that Tommy Huffanigga! Is that what it’s called?” Hahaha Tommy Hilfiger I think it’s called? Haha it was hilarious!
-as we were walking down the street this lady walking her dog said “are y’all Jehovah’s Witness? (A common misconception) “oh, nope” ” oh okay, cuz I was about to say, y’all are the most stylin Jehovah’s Witnesses I’ve ever seen!” Hahahaha aha we were dying from laughing and still are 🙂

I get to go to the temple in about half an hour :):):) I love The temple so much, I’m so blessed to be able to go! Have the greatest week ever and never forget how much I love you and how much Your Heavenly Father adores and loves loves loves with the greatest love..YOU!

Forever and always,
Your Sister Smith 🙂


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