06/25/2014 Harlem and South Mann are my homeee:)‏

Megannn I love you!!! What a beautiful woman!

This week has been sooooooo sweet 🙂 I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Savior.

Lilianna has been struggling a lot with her family being non-supportive of her joining the church (she’s 16) and last week we were pretty down because her dad said she couldn’t come to church anymore..but we’ve been talking with her dad. And the other day when we went over we talked about baptism. We talked about the power that comes from receiving answers through the scriptures and as we read 2 Nephi 31:5 she got all quiet, smiled SO big…and said she wanted to be baptized!! 🙂 It was incredible to see the joy on her face, she’s wonderful!

Nick is also going through some really rough things this week and has been having so many headaches with his housing..but we taught him about the power of fasting his week and he was so excited to do that!

Is it okay if I just share a couple of miracles this week? 🙂
So on the subway the other day Sister Toone and I started talking to this man from the DR (Dominican Republic). After a bit he told us that his friends were LDS and when we asked if he was a member he said “no, not yet. But it is in my plans.” And we were like whaaaaa??? Bad timing though, we were just about to get off at our stop so we quickly gave him our card with our number and we are hopefully going to get in contact with him so soon!

One night we were coming home on the train and Sister Toone was sitting by a lady that didn’t speak a lot of English..but she said “missionary?” To Sister Toone and then asked Sister Toone if she could say a prayer for her and her family, right there on the train. The lady didn’t know really who we were, but she knew we were representatives of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, I was sitting on the other side, by another woman. When this woman saw Sister Toone praying for and with this lady, she took out her headphones and started watching and listening. After the prayer, I kind of turned to he woman by me and asked her how her night was going-she looked a little startled and said “oh sorry, I was just so touched by what that missionary did for her.” So then I got a second before our stop to bear my testimony and give her our card before we ran off the train. I know that that woman was feeling the Spirit as I was testifying to her that this was truly of God. I know that we all are apart of one big Heavenly family. And I’m so grateful I get to slowly but hopefully surely help my brothers and sisters come back. What a life!! :):):)

I love you all sooo much and hope you have the GREATEST week:) Don’t forget that your Savior loves you more than anything, he can ease any pain and soften any heart. He is my Redeemer and I know he lives.

Sister Smith

So just a little bit more background, we actually cover part of Harlem AND Manhattan. Not all of Manhattan-just the upper West side. But it really was my dream to serve in Harlem, and sometimes The Lord is just too good to us 🙂 haha. But the people here are seriously phenomenal! We’ve had some crazy experiences, but have seen so many miracles already-God’s hand is truly in this work! I feel so blessed to be apart of it! This is the best work 🙂

Our ward mission leader is from Belgium-so he and his wife talk half of the time in French and the other half in English! They’re the sweetest couple and seriously on fireeee ward missionaries:) This work is all about the whole church! Members, missionaries, friends all coming together to build up the Lord’s kingdom 🙂

Seriously I’m getting a six pack because Sister Toone makes me feel so happy and so…just myself 😉 Oh and I mean I’m laughing way too hard all the time-hence the 6 pack.

Oh and I forgot to tell you…Elder Tahuahi Berryman is my Zone Leader!!!!! I love the Berryman family so much! And they still live in Mesa, do you talk to them much Mom? He leaves in like a month for home, so definitely go to his homecoming! But he’s a CHAMP! Definitely a superb Zone Leader, I have LOVED working with him!

This week I went on a split with Sister Tanner who is on spiritual FIRE! These new missionaries that came in are sooo prepared and have such a great work ethic and drive about them. They’re fantastic 🙂 I also went on a split with….drum roll please….SISTER JENSEN! My MTC  companion!!! It was like…”reunited and it feels so good!” (Hope that’s not a bad song..)

But we were knocking on some project building doors in Harlem and we ran into a girl named Marlene and she was amaaaazing! She’s from the Bronx and she was telling us about her relationship with Christ. When we gave her the Book of Mormon, I felt so deeply in my heart that it truly was the thing in her life that she needed to truly get closer to her Savior and to answer the questions that she’s been having. I absolutely love that ALL of our questions, whether temporal or spiritual, can be answered in a book, in a prayer, in a church meeting, in a talk, or in thought. God is so good to us 🙂

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