06/18/2014 Subways, Buses, Crazies, and Super kind people talking about Jesus :)‏

Hi familyyyy!

How are you doing??? 🙂

New York, New York is defffinitely legit!! There are SO many beautiful, wonderful people! And it thought it they were gonna be really rude but the majority of them are SO NICE 🙂
I don’t even know where to start, this has been the fastest and craziest week of my life, but I’m loving it so much!
So our ward is called the Morningside Heights ward. We cover 125th to 76th West of Central Park. I live in Harlem in a cute little apartment. It’s never quiet, anywhere. Haha. We ride the subway, buses, and walk a TON, so I’m loving just feeling absolutely exhausted at night!
Sister Toone is my companion and she is AWESOME!!!!!!
She’s been out over a year, she was Sister Westlund (my trainer)’s companion in the MTC! She’s from Hyrum/Layton, UT and we are the same age! She’s super chill and superrr sweet and sassy! Hahaha I love her to pieces, we were talking about our vision for the area (VGPA=Vision, Goals, Plans, Accountability) and I said “I just really want to work hard…” And she said “YES! I’m so glad because I just really want to work so hard too!” Basically we are meant to be and we are SO STOKED to work together :):)
A lot of you have been asking about the calling, so as a Sister Training Leader we go on splits with the 16 Sisters (8 companionships) in our two zones and just help them with anything we can. We go to Mission Leadership Council once a month (which used to be called Zone Training or Meeting or something like that..haha) and we report back to President on the welfare of the sisters. Basically we just get to love the sisters and I’m excited to do that 🙂
We are working with some SWEETNESS peopleeeee!!!!
Nick is an older guy and he’s dealing with some Word of wisdom things right now but he is soooo great! He wants so badly to follow Christ and that is what amazes me so much 🙂 he’s the greatest!
We are also working with a 22 yr old girl that is INCREDIBLE! She basically taught US the gospel of Jesus Christ 🙂 whatttt a champ!
Also working with Lilianna who is a 16 yr old and she reads the Book of Mormon all the time and basically just needs her answer as to whether she should get baptized! And she taught me how to Bachata dance again 🙂 she’s sooo great!!!
Well I have to go, but I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And I’m doing soooo great 🙂
I just love this gospel so much, with all of my heart. And my heart breaks a little bit every time I see someone reject it. I want all of God’s children to have this beautiful resource and this comforting knowledge of absolute joy in their lives! This IS Christ’s church. I know it without a doubt.

In the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ



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