06/11/2014 Is there a city here???

Download image.jpeg (1785.8 KB)Emily with her new companion, Sis. Toone
I can’t believe the whirlwind of a mission Emily is having! She went from newly trained to training for 2 transfers to now being a Sister Training Leader. I guess with her enthusiasm, energy, and excitement for the Gospel, they just can’t keep her down!

We know how much she loves the people in the Danbury area and how much she will miss them. (That’s why I’m passing this email along to you, Karalenn. Let me know if you want me to start forwarding them to you from now on.) The people of that area were all so good to her and loved her so much. And, she was SO excited about the new investigators that they were just being blessed with. But, I also know that her attitude is perfectly correct. She wants to be wherever the Lord wants her and will serve her best wherever she is.

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers and support in her behalf. I know she has thanked you on many occasions, but I wanted to let you know how much Marten and I, as her parents, appreciate it.

Thank you!!!
Cindy Smith

Oh heyyy family 🙂

So things are a little crazy, I’ve got two seconds, but I am in South Manhattan now! Crazy, huh?? My companion is Sister Toone and she is DOPE! I’ve been called as a Sister Training Leader in the city and I’ve never ridden the subway! Hahaha sooo I’m pumped 🙂 I cried like a baby when leaving Danbury, but I know this is where The Lord needs me and I couldn’t be more excited! I love you all so much!!!

And my area, for anyone that knows the area (haha I don’t yet ;)) is…
Streets 125 to 86th
From Central Park over!

Love, Sister Smith!!!!



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