06/04/2014 Compilations of Miracles :)

Hi family 🙂

I just want to say…
THANK YOU For everything you’ve done to get me here 🙂 Seriously I can’t thank you enough, I’m so happy here and I’m constantly amazed every day by how BLESSED I am! And thank you all so much for your emails, I’ve received some of he sweetest words from you this week-we have the greatest family ever and I’m so blessed to call you family! Thank you 🙂

This week…
Mission Tour with Elder Snow of the Seventy- what an inspired man! He came and spoke to us for almost all of Friday!!!! We are so blessed!!!!!!! And so he spoke to the city missionaries on Thursday and us up-state missionaries on Friday and our Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders went to both and said that they were different, so cool! That is teaching and speaking with the Spirit.

Dan Barile’s Baptism-this man in our ward has taken the lessons for 15 years in and off and couldn’t seem to shake his smoking addiction. HE. DID. IT. Through the Atonement of Christ, he did it 🙂 what a miracle to witness!

The Portuguese program here goes very slow a lot of the time and the Elders that speak Portuguese here have to work really hard to get even a little bit of work. But they really have worked SO hard these past few months and his past Sunday we got to witness a Portuguese family (the dad was less active and his wife and two daughters were not married) unite in the truths and the happiness of the gospel as the mother and her two daughters were baptized this past Sunday! What a miracle!!!! It was an incredible service-in Portuguese, Spanish, y English. It was so amazing to see the ginormous smiles on the whole family, the little Spanish branch, and the Portuguese Elders that worked so hard and never gave up on this adorable family.

I also had the privilege to go on a split with my Sister Training Leader, Hermana Dunn into her area (Danbury Spanish) haha. They’re our roommates too so it’s always fun 🙂 I did my best to speak Spanish..haha still a dream of mine, but I figure if I can understand little bits of conversations it’s going alright right? 😉 haha but that’s okay, I’m called English speaking and I seriously could not be happier with my call, I know it’s of God 🙂

Edgar Guzman bore his testimony in Sacrament Meetinggggg!!!! I could’ve died right there, I was so happy and so excited for him! He has made a transformation of so many ways and I know that it’s through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His Gospel that we have in fulness in The Church if Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that he was changed. I was grinning and giggling like a true, proud parent!! Hahaha

APRIL- Miracle story. Long story, but this woman was near death and promised God that if he’d give her another chance to live for her children so she could raise them, she would come back to Him! Her car had broken down one day and she was just really bummed and walking around with her little kids. She saw all these different churches and she prayed to God and said “if you show me a sign of which one i should go to, I’ll go because I can’t do it on my own!” And just at that moment she saw two sister missionaries (our roommates) pass by her…and then they made a u-turn and came back to her and talked to her and now we are teaching her and she wants to be baptized along with her 9 year old daughter!!!!!!!!!

Ah. I just love you all so much. I can’t get over how wonderful our family is-and I seriously hope you’re all doing well!!! Keep up that missionary work! I know I’m a missionary and this is all I do, but YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AMMMMM! Haha so experiment on the word (Alma 32:27) and talk to people about your beliefs, your loves and your passions about this gospel that make every day a better day!

Love you forever and always,
Sister Smith 🙂


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