05/21/2014 I love missionary work :)

Missionary work is the best kind of work!

Hi guys 🙂

How are you all doing? Sorry, I don’t have a lot of time today…we helped the Jensens in our ward to clean out their house-they’re moving TOMORROW. Whaaaat in the world is going on, sooo many people in the ward are moving. super sad! haha but this is basically the place where tons of people come live when they have a family but also have a time/temporary job in New York. But seriously this is the greatest ward! The Johnsons are moving…the Jensens, the Riley’s…and others! it’s so sad! i’m like..guyyyyys I’m lasting longer than you and I’m a missionary! 😉 hahahahaha
But the work is great! We had some CRAZY lessons this week! This one lady at the end of the lesson said that she already knew the Book of Mormon wasn’t true and so she wouldn’t pray about it, but she wants to read it to understand the teachings we teach….say WHAAAA? So we’re praying that she’ll have a softened heart and open mind towards it and that hopefully something while reading will spark her heart…otherwise we can’t really go anywhere with her if she’s not willing to pray about the Book of Mormon..silly sillyy..
But seriously this week is more of a picture week than a writing week…sowwwyyy, I just gots so many great pictures!!!
Oh we had dinner with the Guzman’s! Seriously Edgar’s family is going to the celestial kingdom! I can just feel it! Mike and Rosa (brother and mom) just need to start taking the lessons and get baptized first…but it’s totally going to happen! Mike had a TON of questions about the Plan of Salvation. I love that everything we teach answers like every question about life that people have. The Gospel is so simple sometimes 🙂
We helped the Fullers clean their house too-Jen and Eddie (our investigator/future member) are getting MARRIED on Saturday! Wedding bells! YA!
We met this less active active woman named Yaa (said like ya) and she’s the sweetest! She’s from Ghana and she taught us how to say Welcome in “Twi” which is their dialect in Ghana!
Did I tell you before that Sister Governale in the ward is from Korea and went to South Korea on her mission (not sure which mission, sorry daddy!) but when we go over, we sit on the floor and have lettuce and rice and pork and that special sauce, sometimes with cabbage too-that like korean mean that you kinda made a couple times mama? SO GOOD! she’s hilarrrrrious, she went on a mission and she tells us all the time about how she couldn’t sit in her skirt cuz tehy were always on the floor-hahaha anyway she’s the funniest 🙂
On a sadder note…We had to drop the Veach family 😦 Saddest day of my life….I just feel like my heart keeps breaking out here, is that normal to say/feel? But it’s been 6 or so months of trying to help them understand the importance of coming to church and putting God first in their life-but they still haven’t come, so we’re just letting them think about it for a while-they’ll be back! And their whole family will be sealed one day! I can feel it! They’re awesome 🙂
The Delucio Family is LEGIT! We went over the other day because they weren’t getting back to us on a time to meet and it was PERFECT. They are the family of Edgar’s too! Erica (his sister) was there and soon Ashley, her daughter, showed up with her friend Desiree too! And now Desiree wants to learn and said that her mom will probably want to learn more too! It was the COOLEST! They actually had a ton of questions about some things in the church and we ended up talking about sealings (don’t know if that’s okay to talk about so early, but it felt right!) haha and Erica was like wooowwwww, the more and more I learn about this church, the more and more I LOVE it!!!!! and we were like YEEEEEAAAAHH BUDDDY we love it soooo much too! There’s nothing better than having the priesthood authority back on the earth, the fulness of the gospel, living prophets, miracles upon miracles, an organized and family-centered religion, a huge safety net of wonderful people, the Book of Mormon and other scriptures to lead and guide us, communication and REAL prayers that mean so much as we talk with our Heavenly Father-seriously I could go on for days.
I love this gospel so much.
I love you all so much.
Share this wonderful gospel with others-you’ll never regret it! And the Lord WILL bless you!
What a great promise 🙂
Lots of loving,
Sister Smith 🙂

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