05/07/2014 Christ is King of the World! Amen!‏

In church on Sunday, Michael Boyd, one of our recent converts, gave a talk (ward conference). And in his talk he said “Christ is King of the World! Amen!” haha I love that man so much, he explains everything that I want to say-so well. Last week in Gospel Principles (I don’t know if I already told you this) but at the end of the class, he pulled a voice recorder out of his suit pocket and said “and THAT is how we do church, ladies and gentlemen! This is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! And we are SAVING SOULS!” and he ended it there. it was the GREATEST Sunday school of my life, I was dyyyying, I love him so much! haha I just love Danbury and the people here so much 🙂

So how’s your week been? haha it’s been crazy over here! We got the opportunity to meet with a lady named Judith Howes, and she knows sooo much about the Bible. there are So many people out here that know a TON about christianity and the Bible and it just makes me so happy that there are so many people learning about their Savior and really trying to do their best. Our job is just to amplify that a little bit 🙂 We’ve been so blessed to meet such wonderful people. haha the problem out here is that everyone thinks we’re polygamists-let’s please end that rumor! hahaha. But really, we’ve met such wonderful women lately.
Another women named Jessica asked us what spiritual gifts we wanted to develop. She’s LEGIT. knows so much, but she thinks she has a prophetic skill. That’s okay! She’s like one of the nicest ladies and is really open, she’s doing fantastic things 🙂
And we also met the nicest lady named Nancy from Puerto Rico! she said that when we came by, she felt that it was a sign from God because she’s had so many stop by her place and talk to her about religion (religion is HUUUGE here in Danbury! there’s TONS of different churches) haha but shes said “but I really like you guys and I think you guys are the ones I’m gonna choose.” haha so we talked about Christ’s church and about how God loves her and wants her to come closer to her. She’s fantastic and I can’t wait to go back this week 🙂
Edgar Guzman, what a CHAMP! He’s getting baptized THIS Saturday, sorry for the confusion. Please keep praying for him to avoid temptation and to keep developing his testimony! He brought his niece, Ashley, to church on Sunday! And we talked to her after and now we’re going to teach her whole family! BLESSINGS. I love the Lord 🙂 She’s soooo sweet and we’re so excited to get to know her better! What a life!
Eddie Gadalinski, the other man we’re teaching that’s getting married to our less-active member Jen is FANTASTIC. Picture this, the other night he’s cooking us all dinner and he comes out with his chef hat, shows us his SWEET nerf gun that has a safety on it because it’s semi-automatic. It was the greatest thing. And Jen, his fiance, haha I feel like is gonna pull him through to really read the Book of Mormon! She is such a great strength to him and to her family! She’s SO excited to start coming back to church once she finishes up school these next couple of weeks and after they get married the end of May 🙂
Well everyone, I love you all so much! I hope you’re doing well! You’re all seriously SUCH a great support to me! Thank you for your love, your prayers, your letters, I love you so much 🙂
Have the greatest week and don’t ever forget who gave it all to us-our Heavenly Father 🙂
Sister Smith 🙂

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