04/30/14 April Showers literally bring May Flowers

Hola Mi familia 🙂
So transfers were today….and I’m staying in DANBURY, CONNECTICUT with Sister Larson 🙂 ahhhh I love this place so much, I could never part from it! hahaha. I love these people wayy too much (aka not nearly enough as I want to!)
How are you DOING?! What a fun week, right? This week has been on fiiiiire, I love the mission 🙂 haha I don’t know how many times I’ve said that, but I honestly mean it so much! hope things are going well with Jay and PA school applications! I’m praying for ya buddy! And Zach and Kali are coming to D.C. this summer right? whaaaa? That’s awesome adventure times for them 🙂 And Daddio had his sweet birthday-what a stud! And I’m so happy Jay and Ky and Dal Pal got to spend time with the fam this past weekend, that’s so fantastic! I love our family so much 🙂
Well, plans are in full speed for Edgar’s baptism this next week and we’re just counting down the days!! He’s starting picking out his hymns and I think Sister Westlund is coming down for his baptism too! How blessed are we? 🙂
No joke, this week was fantastic. We are teaching a young man now named Erick. He is SO legit. haha. he has a Jehovah’s Witness grandma, an atheist cousin, a satanic cousin (that’s what he literally classifies himself as), haha anyway long story short-he has soo many people trying to tell him what religion to join and he is always so nervous about it all! But we’ve started teaching him and he literally was hyperventilating when we asked him to say the prayer. He’s kinda shy and so he was really nervous-said he was afraid that he would just vanish if he talked to God, because God is the almighty one. hahaha he is the greatest!!! but poor kid, he was seriously very nervous, but he’s prayed twice now! and in his prayer, we asked him to ask if the Book of Mormon was true. So in his prayer he said “Heavenly Father, I know that the Book of Mormon is true, because it just makes logical sense!” hahaha we were like YES, he’s already starting his testimony off strong! haha it was superb 🙂 He’s accepted a baptismal date, and we’re on our way!
We’re also teaching a guy named Marcus, and he’s black and kinda scary looking, but I know he’s got the biggest heart. He was super quiet when we were teaching him, but in his prayer he talked about his relationship with God and how he knows Christ is molding him to be the man he needs to be-what a guy right?! It was beautiful. I love prayers. I love all prayers.
Thank you so much to all of you for saying prayers for me and the future members that we’re teaching. You make the biggest difference and I love you so dearly!
Oh and it’s raining a TON now! I now know what “April showers, bring May Flowers” means! It’s even MORE beautiful here! sooo many cherrry blossoms and other blossoms and beautiful people 🙂
Well, the Lord is blessing us extremely well and I am extremely grateful! I love this gospel, I know it’s true. I know that the Lord loves us and is always watching over us. I hope you can all feel that today, and share that with someone else 🙂
Love you forever and always,
Sister Smith 🙂
p.s. can you please pray that we’ll find some women to teach? hahaha we need to transfer all of our investigators over to the Elders when they’re male and every one of our investigators is, except Lulu Veach! yeah! hahaha.

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