04/23/2014 Christ is my reason :)

What a phenomenal week! Nothing better than mission life!!!! 🙂 We’ve been teaching a ton-seriously we are so incredibly blessed. And Sister Larson helps us more and more to be a better companionship-she’s the bomb 🙂
Haha on Friday and Saturday we stood out on the corner of Main St with a sign that says “What does Easter mean to you?” And then on the reverse side, it said “Christ lives!” Both sides with the #BecauseofHim isn’t that the coolest video?! I hope you’ve all seen it 🙂 it was a really neat experience though to be able to stand there with the sign and to talk about Easter and Christ with people on the street. Haha we even told Edgar about it and he said “you guys are crazy, I’d have to be drunk to do that.” (He used to do those kind of things, but don’t worry he doesn’t anymore) haha but we told him that that’s what happens when you become a Mormon, you have good, clean fun and you don’t even need to be drunk! You remember it all! It’s the best 🙂

But it’s really been amazing, we’ve all been really pushing to meet more people and to find new investigators so we can keep this place moving forward and it’s been AWEEEESOME!!!! I love finding new people and working on our stellar investigators and looking up less-actives, and conversing and building friendships with members, and talking to almost anyone I can! Mission life is the beeeeeest!!!! Haha Kay sorry I’ll stop bragging about how great life is 😉 hehe
But we met a wonderful old man named Bill-I don’t know if I’ve told you about him yet, but he is hilarious. He’s probably in his 70’s and he looooves family history! We walked up to him on the street and he asked us if we were from Utah! Hahah so he’s heard about the missionaries. Long story short, we started talking to him, and now we are teaching him and also helping him get to the family history center to do online family history work! I love how this gospel is so all-encompassing.

ALSO! Forgot to tell you guys last week, but one of the less-actives we’ve been working with (Sister Nieves)-a missionary in our district was contacting on Main Street and stopped Sister Nieves’ grandson that lives with her-he said that the missionaries had been working with his grandma and that he’d give it a shot too! I didn’t even realize this guy (David) was not a member the whole time! I guess Sister Westlund and her companion before me had tried working with him before but it didn’t work out, but we’ve been meeting with him now and when we discussed a little about baptism, he said “yeah! That’s something I definitely want to do!” YESSSSSSSSS Best words EVER 🙂 haha I love the way The Lord works in helping us find His children that are ready and the way that all missionaries and all members are in this work together 🙂 and now Sister Nieves is so excited for David to take the lessons and she came to church on Easter!!!! AND she’s good friends with a guy that’s been taking lessons on and off with the missionaries but has a smoking addiction and he came to church with his less-active daughter as well!!! So Sister Nieves, David, Sister Nieves’ friend Dan Barile, and his daughter were all at church on Sunday!! It was THE BEST 🙂 ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah 🙂 And Dan has a baptismal date and has decided to officially quit smoking! What a champ!

AND……oh man oh man, Edgar Guzman, how legit is he?! He’s getting baptized May 10 🙂 he’s told all his friends, his family is coming, we’re setting up the details, and life is GRAND for Brother Guzman. Sister Larson and I were scared for a bit that he was just joining because he rally likes the people, so we’ve been praying for a change of desire and of heart and he honestly has changed sooo much in the past couple of weeks! The Lord has changed his heart 🙂 he never wanted to be married or to have kids even and in the past week he’s told us that he thinks it would be cool to have a mini Edgar running around and also that it seems like it would be a little easier to have a wife to help him keep the commandments! Can you say change of heart?! Anddd before he didn’t want to read the Book of Mormon because he didn’t understand it at all, but he read it the other day again and he was like-hey I get it!! YES 🙂
It’s seriously the most incredible thing to see people change and to turn to their Savior-there is honestly nothing that I love more than seeing the Atonement work in people’s lives 🙂 I love this Gospel and this church and I know this is all TRUE.
Gotta go, but have the greatest week ever everyone!!!! I love you all SO MUCH and I know that Heavenly Father loves you even more-greatest thing in the universe to know 🙂

Lots of lovin’,
Sister Smith 🙂

PS. My darling little companion (she’s not really little idk why I said that) has gotten hit on about 4 times in the past couple of days, all by black guys-hahah just felt like sharing that! She’s got the light of a Christ in her! And the cutest curly hair 😉



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