04/16/2014 Happy Happy Happy Days!

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you have the most wonderful day! and check out easter.mormon.org to see the INCREDIBLE video that they’ve started to celebrate and spread the good news that Jesus Christ lives! It seriously is a phenomenal video. Share it!
haha yes I am a Facebook missionary and YES I want you ALL to share this video and share the incredible news that because of Jesus Christ- we can ALL start new and we can ALL have a better life and actually live in true joy and happiness 🙂 What a blessing!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHADMO! Can’t believe your’e gonna be 18…everyone stop growing up ppleeeeaseee! hahaha
Well this was a fantastical week!!! We had a zone goal- I don’t know if I already told you this, but a zone goal of the whole zone finding at least 50 new investigators by the end of the week! What a GREAT week! haha. We were all SO pumped about it! And we work generally in the same area as the Danbury Spanish Branch missionaries, and so anytime we ran into Spanish speaking people (haha which actually happened a lot) I would do extremely broken Spanish, read some things in the Spanish pamphlets of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and somehow get their number to pass it along to the Spanish missionaries. hahah boyyyy do I need some more practice in Spanish if I’m gonna keep doing that 😉 haha but I know the Lord works miracles, even if I’m not actually called Spanish-speaking, to help His work move along 🙂
We’ve all been tracting, contacting, teaching lessons, looking up former investigators, less-actives, calling people, planning, running, going crazy all week! I LOVE missionary work! It’s the best 🙂 haha and one day this week it rained a TON and this guy opened his door and was like “ladies, WHAT are you doing???” And we were like “spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!” haha unfortunately he didn’t want to hear more, but I hope one day that he does! he needs it! We all need it 🙂
But we met younger man that said he didn’t understand why God would make him this way (he is homosexual) and then hate him. Awe, it broke my heart when I heard that! So we testified to him that God does in deed LOVE him and has a specific purpose for him in this life! I love bearing testimony of God’s love. It’s sooo real and it’s sooo true. there’s NO way I could ever deny that! I love it 🙂 We’re excited to teach him more and to help him connect with his Heavenly Father and to build that relationship so he can feel that incredible love from Him.
We also got to meet with Isaiah this past week-that Bible scholar that’s only 19! haha we met with him with our Elders and it was incredible! He and Elder Porter were like quoting the Bible together every other sentence. hahaha. But we’ve been trying to teach him more and more about our gospel and how it’s simply the fullness of the gospel, the even bigger picture, and can have the fullness of how he can be happy for eternity and on 🙂 He’s a champ! And we love him!
We’ve been meeting with Edgar more and more regularly, getting him ready for his baptism! We’re just a little worried because we feel like he doesn’t do things because he loves God and wants to obey his commandments-but he really loves feeling the spirit and so he keeps coming back and he keeps trying new things. But I’m just in awe with his enthusiasm and dedication to this gospel! it’s not easy to make  these kind of changes and I know that he can see the blessings that come from it and the peace that comes from our Heavenly Father!  I know the Lord will help him be ready by then 🙂 We’re pumped!
God is a God of miracles 🙂 I want you all to remember that forever! And invite someone to church this Sunday! It’s EASTER SUNDAY! If any Sunday, this Sunday would be a perfect one 🙂 I know you can do it, and I know that if you pray to your Heavenly Father for help, he WILL help you. So why not ask someone? 🙂 Help bring souls unto Christ, it’s the greatest thing in the world!!!
That includes you Chad and Ben! haha miss hearing from youu….;)
Well I love you ALL SO MUCH! I’m sorry if I don’t email or write you quickly back-its’ kinda crazy around here. But honestly, I want you to know that I thoroughly and completely loveeee hearing from you and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! I love you so much and every letter and email is like gold to me 🙂 Thank you a million! Have the greatest week ever and pleeease don’t forget who you are- a daughter or son of God 🙂
Love you forever and always,
Sister Smith 🙂
PS we woke up to snow this morning…weirdest thing ever because it’s been all melted! haha but luckily it’s been melting again today! Danbury is definitely an Icebox!!! hahaa

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