04/02/2014 This Week Has Been Sweeeet!‏

This week has been sweeeet! Lots of ups and downs I feel like, but I’ve also heard that’s how training is 😉 haha I’m totally messing! I LOVE training! Mostly I just love Sister Larson 🙂 She’s a fireball! It’s the best!!! But I really don’t know what it is, I literally have way more energy than most missionaries I guess..haha cuz when Sister Westlund would get tired, I just thought it was because she had been out on the mission for a while and sometimes missions just wear you out, but then sometimes Sister Larson gets tired too and I’m just like the little energizer bunny over here being like- I get 7 1/2 hours of sleep ever night! let’s go! let’s go! I’m good all day!!!! 😉 haha I really don’t know what it is, but I’m just filled with eons of energy-I like to think of it as a blessing 🙂
So….WE FOUND ANOTHER MAN THAT WANTS TO LEARN ABOUT THE GOSPEL! I loooove when people want to learn! Cuz then I learn more and they learn more and then we’re all happy just sharing testimonies, asking questions, learning about our Heavenly Father and His plan for us, feeling the Spirit, and we’re just soooo giddy giddy happy 🙂 That’s what I like to call-LIFE! What a grand day 🙂
But yeah, we have been trying for months to get into a less-active family in our ward named the Fuller’s. Well-Sister Larson and I went and no joke….in the East Coast (or maybe it’s just Connecticut/New York..you have to go through like a door or two to actually get to a person’s front door of their apartment/home! So we’ve been trying this family’s house all the time and no one ever answers, we try different times of the day-nothing.
So this time we walk through the apartment complex door and down the stairs and the door we ALWAYS knock on to see if their home, was OPEN and it was like another hallway! hahahahaa so we had been knocking on a door that didn’t actually have an apartment behind it this whole time! I don’t know why it was never open, but the Lord LITERALLY opens doors for missionaries sometimes and I love to call those times-miracles 🙂
Anywho, we ended up finding the family and getting to know them! their older daughter is engaged to a man named Eddie! And he told us that literally that morning he had a miracle occur in his life! He was driving his company’s car and hit a curb with it and there was a big dent in the car. Long story short, he had prayed and the next day-there was NO dent in the car! So he believed that Christ had come down and fixed the car. Haha I don’t know if that literally happened, but it definitely could have been an angel! But it was the sweetest thing to see this man realize that God is REALLY God. He was raised Catholic and he wanted so badly to tell us about this story! So he started talking about life after death and we were like-well would you like to know more about what actually does happen to us after we die? because we know 🙂 and he said YES! And the Fuller’s are like the nicest/funniest family and so now we go over every week and he loves to cook us dinner and then we teach a lesson! What a champ! he’s AWESOME! That was definitely a blessing this week!
ALSO, we were tracting the other day-I don’t think I told you this yet…but we found a prodigy! if that makes sense…haha his name is Isaiah and we were telling him about our church and he seemed super interested and then BAM he starts quoting the Bible! Like quoting the actual verse and the reference. But he wasn’t even Bible bashing, he was legitimately interested and like comparing things and when we told him about how God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are actually separate beings he was like…hmmm okay okay. And he said things like “ya know, I just love that we can have these conversations and really if we can all just help everyone come closer to God and closer to Christ- that’s really all that matters.” And Sister Larson and I thought-that’s practically our PURPOSE as missionaries! haha so we loooved being able to talk to Isaiah. We taught him almost all of the Restoration on his doorstep and committed him to read the Book of Mormon. He was LEGIT! hahaa so we’re excited to go back!
So this week-what a week! I just love weeks! But then again they go waaaay too fast, ya know? I just love being able to talk about the gospel, preach the gospel, study the gospel! Seriously, personal study every day is my favvvvorite part! Well…yeah. Ahhh I don’t know if I can pick a favorite because I just love all of it! I know that the person I am today and the testimony that I do have of the restored gospel is because of the incredible family that I grew up in and the wonderful parents that I have to lead and guide me and support me! I love you so much!
I hope you have the greatest week ever andddd I’ll see you in two years! 😉
Love forever and always,
Sister Smith 🙂

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