03/26/2014 BADDA bing BADDA bam :)

Good morning family!!!!
How are you guys? It’s weird, I feel like I just talked to you, but then again it feels like I haven’t talked with you in forever! Did I tell you THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes? If not, thank you a million times over! I felt so loved :):) I’m do blessed to have incredible and supportive family like you 🙂 Haha sorry, things have been a little crazy around here with all the changes and such! Haha but Sister Larson and I are doing well!!! She’s AWESOME!!!!! Ahhh I also just love new missionaries and their enthusiasm. Not even kidding, I’m still a new missionary though so two of us together is the BEST! 😉 But she already has shown me so many insights and doctrine, helped us really buckle down and organize our area book on the iPad (doing things I didn’t even know how) haha and is really helping me improve and stretch in ways I didn’t think I could! She’s superb!!!! And an incredible missionary, I really feel so honored to be her companion 🙂

I was superrr sad to see Sister Westlund, my one and only trainer, leave-but I know she’s doing PHENOMENAL things up in Kingston, NY, opening up that area for sisters there!
What a week though! It really is all kind of a blur though, not gonna lie. Haha. Just been settling Sister Larson in, TRACTING haha love that stuff. I really gotta get better at it though, but Sister Larson loves it 😉

But it’s been an incredible week! We’ve been setting new VGPA’s for our transfer-which is Vision, Goals, Plans, and Accountability. I loooove VGPA’s! But one of our plans to get Edgar ready for baptism is to meet with him more than once a week, and we met with him again last night additional to our normal Thursdays nights! Ahhh fulfilling a goal is the greatest thing everrrr 🙂

I seriously love this ward, we have so many members coming to our appointments, I’m SO proud of them and the way they’re really jumping in to do missionary work, even when they have to find time amidst their kids and jobs and such. They’re also helping us a ton to get Facebook Proselyting up and running sooo much more now! I know that Facebook was designed to hasten the Lord’s work and I’ve definitely seen it happening! Just real quick, we had a lesson on General Conference last week on Facebook and Edgar just kind of watched and read the discussion. We talked to him about it after and he said he was really excited to watch it next week! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!
Ahh people just make me soooo happy when they come closer and closer to their Savior, Jesus Christ, and truly just want to change and be better-whether they’re at church every Sunday, only come once every few months, or have never been in their lives-when I see people coming closer to Christ, I just get all giddy inside!! 🙂
So in other words, Edgar is GREAT! He is SO golden! He volunteered to help clean the church last week with some of the men in Elder’s Quorum, volunteered some of his electrical services for the ward’s silent auction coming up, wants to start paying tithing right now, and wants to contribute to the missionary fund! Haha he’s an incredible man and we can’t WAIT for him to get baptized!! So specifically, he picked the date of May 10, which is huge cuz he was waaaay afraid of actually picking a date before. But we are hoping within this next week or so that we will show him how he’s definitely ready for it and might get that baptismal date up sooner! But really, he said he’s been praying about being baptized and the other day he just prayed in the morning and the rest of the day was soooo peaceful and everything worked out well. Later on in the lesson, we asked him what kind of an answer he was expecting from Heavenly Father, he said, I think just like a peaceful feeling. BADDA BING BADDA BAM! I was grinning from ear to ear! He got his answer! Ah. This church and this gospel is most definitely 100% the exact same church Jesus Christ set up on the earth and I am SO grateful and sooo blessed to be apart of it! Always stick with it my friends!!!

John Silvestri is wonderful!!! He’s consistently coming to church now, yes yes yes yes!!! He said he realized that it’s one of the 10 commandments (keeping the Sabbath Day Holy) and he really wants to keep that. What a champ! He said he wants to be baptized on EASTER….Of next year :/ haha so we gotta help him see the goodness in himself and the goodness in the Atonement in helping him to overcome the addictions he has. I love the Atonement. I wouldn’t be here on a mission if it wasn’t for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that it is REAL, that it is the most incredible and unfathomable tool that we have on this earth to truly make us happy once again, to bring us close to our families and to our Savior and Heavenly Father. How grateful am I that I have access to that very tool that so many people in this world don’t have a clue exists. That is why I’m out here.
I love this work.
I love this gospel.
PLEASE share it!

Love you forever and always,
Sister Smith 🙂


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