03/12/2014 Miracles, Miracles, and Heavenly Miracles!

Hello beautiful family!!! 🙂

THANK YOU so much for all the birthday wishes, I couldn’t be a more blessed person OR missionary!! 🙂 haha
This week was PHENOMENAL! Ahhh I just love missionary work!
Thursday was like the.best.day.EVER. Not even kidding!!! Kay, funniest/greatest thing of my life..so if anyone knows from serving a mission or even just BYU tv, there are DVD’s that they show missionaries for our 12-week training. It’s called the “District” and it’s made up of missionaries in Texas and California and it is literally their experiences and their lessons and everything, on film. So it’s suuuper great because it shows some really great ways of teaching and following the Spirit, and then there’s also funny moments because all missionaries are unique and funny things in missionary life just tend to happen! BUT, we were meeting with Edgar Thursday night and discussing the Plan of Salvation. Well. He told us that he was on YouTube and he found and watched like 12 episodes of THE DISTRICT! hahahaha this is like only for missionary training and it’s like the “behind the scenes” of missionary work! Sister Westlund and I were dyyyyinngggg! Hahahaa he said to us “so do you get frustrated and stuff with me too like the missionaries did with their “investigators?” hahaaa and then at the end of the lesson, we asked him how he was feeling about baptism. He said “I mean it’s not like you guys are torturing me or anything, and after watching the district, it just seems so simple…yes!” YES YES YES! aaaahhhh haha we were dying laughing after and just so giddy happy though too! haha when talking about the show he said “ya know I think YouTube is doing a better job of converting me than you guys are” ha ha. haha he’s quite a character-but he’s SUPERB! We had SUCH a great lesson on The Plan of Salvation-Brother and Sister DeWitt were there (they are converts of 10 years) and it was perrrrfect! Edgar’s been struggling to give up his coffee addiction and Brother DeWitt was a coffee drinker before as well! Ah. just everything they said in that lesson was absolutely perfect for Edgar. AND a few of the younger couples in the ward do volleyball Saturday mornings and we invited Edgar and he CAME! And brought donuts! And had a hot chocolate in his hand! Not a coffee!!! Hallellujah! 🙂 We were SO happy! And so He’s 30 years old and we got word from some other missionaries that there was a single-adult party Saturday night and so we thought it would be a good idea for Edgar to go since we’re really trying to mingle him into the mormon “culture.” haha but really-converts and investigators NEED to have friends in the LDS community, or else they just don’t really feel really a part of it. SO, we told Edgar that we and the Elders in our ward would go with him so that he didn’t feel weird going by himself to a stranger party.
So, while all of you were partying at the reception-I went to a raging 30 and up Single Adult party 🙂 haha it was the greatest thing! Not gonna lie, kinda awkward at first, but I met some extreeemely sweet Latino ladies and I mayy have danced a little bit of salsa with them 🙂 haha everyone was SO nice and Edgar seemed to have a good time! We left for our curfew, but Edgar stayed!!! haha they had white elephant gift exchange and he totally stayed and participated! we were SO happy! hahaha. So. Edgar is doing fantastic 🙂 AND there’s a baptism this Friday and he’s planning on attending with us as well! Miracles, miarcles, miracles! People REALLY are prepared, you wonderful people! We just have to find them! So go find them!! They need you! Ahhhh we’re sooo happy for Edgar 🙂 And his baptismal date is in a couple of weeks, we just gotta get him going with all the lessons because we works late usually in the city! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!
So that was a lot about Edgar, but we are just SO excited for him! please keep praying for him, we know Satan is gonna work hard on him from having happiness!
We met with the Veach family again and had a lesson on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy! haha we felt it was needed…and it was a reeeally good lesson. Sister Newbold was there (she’s fantastic) and she even invited the older boy to her house for seminary every day at 6am and that she makes breakfast on fridays! haha I love our ward members 🙂 Lulu Veach has SO much faith! She just can’t seem to get to church, which makes us super bummed, but we know it will work one day, we aren’t giving up!
Well. the Lord really is opening up doors for us, it’s INCREDIBLE. Ahhh He’s just so merciful and wonderful 🙂 We’ve seriously been able to get into some homes that we’ve been trying to get into these past 3 cycles. haha and Sister Westlund is worried that it’s because she’s getting transferred…We get training calls tonight and “shock calls” on Saturday night so next week might be different! But I really love Sister Westlund, she has been the most incredible trainer for me and we are soooo tight, haha I adore her!
Well. Another amazing story! haha sorry I just have to tell you. Remember the Meyer family? We basically go every Saturday and meet with them. We’ve brought their visiting teachers before and have tried soo many things to get them back to church. I guess the thing is, Sister Meyer literally never, ever leaves the house. Their daughter got an acceptance to a college in Florida and her husband went but she didn’t. They had a bunch of family in town and they went out to eat, but Sister Meyer didn’t go. They rent out rooms in their huuuuge house and one of those rooms is rented to a veteran who has a lot of previous injuries. All in all, Sister Meyer is in charge of making sure everyone’s air is on, making sure no one is causing the kitchen to go into flames, etc. So she never leaves 😦 We’ve been working with her visiting teacher to try and come up with some solutions and to help her build her faith- we’ll keep trying!
BUT. On Saturday we were discussing the Holy Ghost with them and she said she had an experience she wanted to share! She ended up telling us that the other week when we asked brother Meyer if he was going to church-he said yes and actually came by himself! Then after church he went to an airport and ended up meeting a man that told him about a school that would be perfect for his daughter (she’s going into aeronautical schooling), got them an interview there, and helped them to buy a plane! Gee wwizz! haha but Sister Meyer said, ALL because you invited him to church! wonderful! You sisters are sent from God and it’s like you ARE the Holy Ghost or angels or something, put into our lives! And you really are changing peoples lives! haha.
She’s the sweeeeeetest lady I’ve ever met and we were just blown away by her comments and it was definitely a tender mercy of the Lord to hear that from her because I think Sister Westlund and I were a little down that day.
well- life is grand in Danbury! Haha we’ve had some interesting stories…with drunk people, less-actives telling us they think they’re lesbian now and don’t want to be married, asian people yelling at us as they close their doors slowly, almost dying again driving on the streets of Connecticut…haha just some interesting experiences!
But I have been SOO grateful this week for all the incredible blessings the Lord has seen fit to grant us with. He really is incredible. He really is all-powerful. And I can’t even explain to you how much I love my Savior. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are everything to me. I know that they live-I know that they LOVE us more than we can comprehend. And I will forever testify of them!
I love you all! Forever and Always!
Sister Smith 🙂



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