03-19-2014 Changes and Training!

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Today was transfer day in Emily’s mission. She didn’t exactly say so, but I think she’s still in Danbury because I think she would have told us if she had been transferred to a different place. And guess what happened this transfer!!! By the way, for those of you who don’t know, the excitement about the reference to Safford is because that’s where her maternal grandparents were born and raised.


Wowzers! Haha this week went by so fast! Soooo….I don’t have much time today because we just got done with transfers and I’m training a new missionary. So she just got here! 🙂 her name is Sister Larson and she’s from Safford, AZ!!!!!!!!! I just love Arizona people 😉 hahaha but really, I am SO excited!! She’s 19 and she already seems waaaay nice and super chill! We are so ready to work hard and to have the best time doing it!! 🙂 Not gonna lie, I’m super scared, but I know that the Lord’s hand is in all of this and so I’m ready to just lean on him and really try my best. We had a trainer’s meeting last Friday and seriously it was possibly the greatest meeting of my life. Our mission president, President Morgan, is surely called of God and is an incredible man. The Spirit taught me sooo many incredible things in that meeting and it helped reassure me that everything is going to turn out alright. 🙂 haha
So just real quick on this week, Edgar came to church, went to a baptism last week, had dinner with us missionaries and a family in the ward, AND yesterday we had lunch with him before Sister Westlund left and he totally brought his younger brother and we committed him to come to church on Sunday!!! What a CHAMP! Can I get an Amen?! Edgar is sooo prepared and is doing SUCH great things, we are sooo happy for him 🙂 but he did push back his baptismal date, but we’re gonna meet with him tomorrow and set things up 🙂
And John came to church again!!! Sooo happy, so happy! He had, set in his mind, that he needed to change things in his life and get things sorted out before he could go to church, but we really stressed the importance of it, and told him ”John, we’ve seen you go to church, we know you can!” Haha he said, well I’ve only been once, but we said nope! You’ve been twice! Haha and basically just made it really simple for him that he’s done it before, he can do it again! Haha he’s such a sweetie, I’m excited for him 🙂

Well I gotta go but I love you all SO MUCH!! Thank you a million for all your love, support, letters, and happiness you send my way, it makes the biggest difference!!!!

Love you!!!
Sister Smith 🙂
Here she is!!! Sister Whitney Larson herself! My new best friend!!!!! 🙂

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