03-05-2014 It’s a Celebration of LIFE!

Best week EVERRR!!! Haha. But seriously, this week has been soooo grand! Must be a forecast of the incredible event of…the ”Smith/Hercules Unification Projec” (as Daddy calls it) on March 8! What a glorious day that is on it’s way!! CONGRATS Megs and Joey 🙂
Well, I don’t even know what’s happening, but The Lord is WONDERFUL! We doubled our lessons this past week!!! Wha whaaaa? The Lord is too good to us sometimes, it’s incredible! But I’ve realized something, I feel like the more we are blessed, it’s really just the more the people around us (our members, investigators, less-actives, missionaries) are blessed! It’s the greatest thing! It always makes me want to be more obedient so that I can be a small, little part of helping other people!!
Edgar is doing well, he just needs new friends in the church! EVERYONE-go out and find a new convert, less-active, investigator, or someone in the church that needs a friend and make a new friend with them!!! These people need friends and if we get over our fear of reaching out because we think no one cares,we will help someone else to feel more loved and welcomed because they’re probably thinking the same thing! Does that make sense? Anywho, so we are trying to help Edgar increase his faith and to gain more friends in the area because he’s very socially driven.
Zone Conferenceeee! My first one in the mission! And I got my mission pin! That means I’m officially no longer green! Haha it’s our mission logo thing and we get it once we complete our 12-week training program for the mission! Feels good! Hahaha but Zone Conference was phenomenal!!! We have been getting a TON of more training on online proselyting and Sister Westlund and i have been PUMPED about it! We know that this is the work of The Lord, that The Lord has put Facebook on the earth FOR missionary work! No joke! We know that the world is changing and that missionary work is even changing! We are still knocking doors and working with members, but online Proselyting is a way to reach sooo many people every day and to be able to get in touch with people we never thought we could! And there have been people sharing experiences with us about it that we had NO idea we were affecting. Haha why do you think the prophet of our church has a Facebook account? 😉
So anywho, we are super pumped to get our Ward Mission Leader and Bishop Anderson on board to really get the whole thing going in the ward and such. Because honestly, missionary work on Facebook doesn’t work without the members!! Haha so go and help the missionaries with Facebook chats and events and sharing and commenting my friends! It’s a marvelous work and there are so many wonderful things we can do at any second of the day-it’s incredible!!
Cool experience, we had a relief society online chat the other day and we’ve been struggling a bit to get more people to participate, but one of our members (Sister Haring-she is the bombbbb, you should friend her on Facebook mom, you would LOVE her! Haha) was participating and sharing her testimony and such and then The Lord did his work! A couple of other women started chatting too and long story short, they ended up setting up a Facebook page for the ward to make a goal of finishing the Book of Mormon by August 1st and then go to the Sacred Grove after it all! And on the page they put the assigned reading (like 2 chapters a day) and then make comments on it so they can discuss what they’ve learned and be able to learn from each other! It’s incredible  and we are super pumped! This is really an incredible ward and I love it so much!
Well The Lord really has opened soooo many doors for us lately! We were able to talk to a women in the mall after Zone Meeting on Monday, shared the Book of Mormon with her after we talked about her family for about 30 minutes 🙂 I LOVE that woman! She lives in the Boston mission so we sent the referral over. Also, we went to look up a less-active and found his nephew and his mom, who let us in and we ended up teaching the nephew the Restoration and he said we could come back! We also met with Sister Cyr and her son again and I guess he had asked if we were gonna come back over this week and he was sooo excited to read the Book of Mormon with us! We were shocked! But SO happy and excited for him 🙂 I know that he wants to change and just needs that little boost! Hopefully he comes to church this Sunday!! We also FINALLY haha got back in to teach the Veach family! They kept canceling on us and it was making us super nervous…but we were able to meet with Lulu and her two younger sons! It was INCREDIBLE to see how much she’s grown! She’s been reading the Book of Mormon and has been reading our online chats! We could tell her testimony has grown just by reading the Book of Mormon with her and she was explaining about her love for Heavenly Father and ahhh it was just beautiful 🙂
I love this gospel! I love this church! I love all the knowledge and happiness that comes from it! We are soooo incredibly blessed to be apart of it!
It’s awesome to hear about the Gilbert temple dedication! So so so so incredible! Haha I’ve been reading about it today on lds.org!
Sorry this is so long…
But please know how much I love you all! I love this work! I know that Jesus Christ is the head of this church and leads and guides it today! Gotta go! See you in like two years! 🙂

Love you forever and always,


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