02/27/2014 Investigators and Older Women make my day :)‏

Hey familia y amigos!
So as you can tell, I’m not dead 🙂 hehe. We are having preparation day today instead of yesterday BECAUSE if you haven’t heard, the UNITED NATIONS is doing a brief on the humanitarian efforts of our church today!!! So President Morgan is going and he also wants like the international missionaries in the mission to represent the church at the event, so they’re having preparation day today so they can all go and not interfere with a normal Proselyting day! BIG things are happening in the world today people! And incredible things are happening for the church 🙂
So this week was AWESOME! We taught John the Law of Chastity and he was like ”I wish everyone would keep this commandment! Everyone should do this!” And we were like OHHHH YEAAAH! Haha I LOVE when people realize that the gospel just makes sense! It’s the coolest thing ever and it helps us avoid physical, emotional, and spiritual sadness. It’s my favoritest thing ever 🙂
We also taught him yesterday the Law of tithing and Fast offerings! He, again, was talking to us about how he loves this idea and how he’s kinda been giving money back to organization or to people he feels like impact him in his life, so he’s excited to start paying tithing once he becomes a member! The hardest thing with him is just that he has that smoking addiction and he’s also basically addicted to coffee and tea. He just doesn’t feel like he can immediately change, but we’re working on helping him to overcome that addiction and to assure him that he can DEFINITELY change and definitely overcome these addictions, but only through Christ! He’s like the sweetest man!!! And Sister Westlund and I are doing a lot of studying and praying and advice-seeking because both of us have never worked with someone with an addiction, but we’ll definitely keep you posted!
Edgar-yeeeeah buddy! We taught him a sweet lesson lesson last week and basically just talked about baptism the entire lesson! He is superb and has a ton of questions, which is the beeeest!!! So we were able to help him feel a little more comfortable and more ready! We invited him to pray about the Baptismal date of March 22, so we will find out tonight how things went with that! He definitely wants to get baptized, he’s just super nervous because he can tell how big of a commitment It is, and a lifestyle change, and he would be the only member in all of his family and friends. His crazy friends…they keep saying things to him that are craaaazy about the lds religion that aren’t even close to being true (crazies!) haha so we are in the process of really trying to get people to fellowship him so that he can hang out with some good people, especially once he’s a member and needs that support. (He also thought we were in our later 20’s haha)
Working with younger investigators and less-actives as well makes me SO grateful for the singles ward I have out in the west coast!!! The singles ward out here is like an hour away and there’s only like 20 people in it…haha and they’re like all nannies. Be SO grateful for the singles wards my friends!! Haha but I still love the support system that our ward has given they are seriously such an INCREDIBLE ward, soooo inviting and are always trying to do some type of missionary work, helping lift each other up, and really always coming together as a great ward family 🙂 I love the way this church is set up! I love people!!
Oh and it’s official, I love all the older women out here!!! Haha they’re either kinda crazy, the sweetest thing ever, or a little bit of both! 🙂 haha from them telling us all about the details of their lives, how they want to take their kids by the throats sometimes, going to the bathroom in their house and there not being a bathroom door…haha to having them yell ”I wanted to cremate him!”, when we come up to the door and they ask Sister Westlund, ”is this your daughter?” Uhhh either I look way young or she looks way old! Haha we just keep getting better and better stories 😉
But neat story, we had a lesson with Sister Cyr this week, a woman in our ward-and her son is living with her right now. He’s been less-active most of his life (since he was 14 and he’s now in his late 40’s) and has a bunch of addictions that I guess he doesn’t want to change. Well last time we went over, he hit on Sister Westlund so we felt pretty uncomfortable going over again, but we felt like we really needed to. So when we were giving a lesson on Elder Uchtdorf’s talk ”You Can Do It Now” (suuuch a great talk!) we were asking her is she knew the difference between Godly sorrow and worldly sorrow. She said she didn’t, but then he said ”yeah, Godly sorrow brings you to your knees and to prayer with your Heavenly Father to change.” Sister Westlund and I were stunned! We were both like…YEAH! Absolutely!! Haha we were so excited! Haha and he was like ”I paid attention when I was younger…I learned some stuff…” hahaha it was the greatest thing! I LOVE seeing people’s faith! I LOVE seeing that people really do have testimonies, that we ALL have testimonies, sometimes we just lose sight of it, or get so caught up in the world that we forget. But we are ALL children of God! Children of our Heavenly Father! What a WONDERFUL life! I loveeee seeing people change, learn, grow, love, progress! It’s the greatest thing everrrr and I couldn’t be HAPPIER! I love my mission!!!!
I’m having the time of my life and I’ll see you all in like 2 years or so! 🙂

Lots of love,
Sister Smith 🙂


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