02/19/2014 Spanish Speaking and Sliding up Hills!‏

Hey hey heyyyy!

What a WEEK! Haha soooo I pretty much really don’t like the snow anymore…two reasons…haha.

Numero UNO: we keep getting ”snowed in”/”grounded” and for lack of a better word, it STINKS! Haha so if you ever are praying and feel like you can, please pray that it stops snowing here…haha we’ve had SO many snow storms and they don’t allow us to drive at all. BUT did I tell you that I finally got a shovel?! We were helping a family move the other day and the man basically ended up telling me I could take his shovel because they were leaving it! BOO YA I feel like a real missionary now 🙂 haha. But our apartment complex is unfortunately right on the freeway entrance and also has a hired shovel crew, SO I can’t go out and shovel much…but never fear, we shall figure out more and more things to do that are appropriate 🙂 but we did get to help chop wood the other week! I felt like a champ 😉 hahaha Numero DOS: so the other day we were driving out to New Fairfield, which is part of our area and has WAY more trees and such out in the woodsen 🙂 I always explain things way too much, BUT we went out there and while we were in the lesson with the Meyer family, the snow started comingggg down! So we get out and there’s magically a bunch of snow, and so little ol’ Arizonian Sister Smith here is driving, right?
WE ALMOST DIED! Long story short, New Fairfield has tons of huge hills you have to go up to get out and our car wasn’t making it up them…and then a PROPANE truck started coming down the hill, we’re struggling to get up, and we start getting suuuuper nervous! Haha all the other cars were staring at us, but that didn’t really matter. I was just hoping we’d make it out alive!! So we wait for the propane truck to pass and I’m thinking….it’s gonna crush us (oh and the roads are extreeeemely narrow by the way haha) and we are gonna BLOW UP! Hahah sometimes I’m dramatic, and I knew that The Lord would protect us because we had said a prayer, but i gotta admit, I was pretty nervous..all in all, we made it out totally alive, praising The Lord, and now I know how to drive better in snow! Haha I’ve actually driven a lot in snow now so it’s great experience! Hope that doesn’t scare you mom, I promise we’re safe and that they take care of us out here, that snow just came out of nowhere! Haha
But onto the better things…
Went on a split with Hermana Brog this past Monday! Superb!!! Haha it was all in…ESPANOL! I had the greatest time trying to figure out what the people in he lessons were talking about and they would get so excited when I would say…mucho gusto! Or La comida, que rica! Haha it was the greatest thing ever..I’m still secretly wanting to learn Spanish:)
We had Sister’s Conference yesterday! It. Was. Phenomenal!!! Our Mission president is INCRDIBLE! And the second counselor’s wife served in this same mission years ago! It was incredible to hear her experiences. 🙂 ahhhh the conference was incredible!!!! The talks were so inspiring and filled with the Spirit so that we were able to take in things that The Lord wants us to do to be able to be better missionaries and to improve our mission experience!
The Meyer family is SUPERB! We’ve been meeting with Sister Meyer and Maria (17) for quite a while now and they still haven’t come to church (but brother Meyer did last week!) BUT our lesson with them last week was amazing! Sister Meyer bore testimony so beautifully about how she has experienced how it is being away from her Savior and how it is being closer to her Savior-and it’s a HUGE difference. She said that the Lord never goes away from us, but we turn away from The Lord. And it’s sooo true! I love that woman 🙂 I told her that I imagine The Savior, with his arms wide open, waiting for us to run back to him!
I just love imagining the Savior in general-I love my Savior 🙂 if any of you ever feel like you’re far from your Savior, Jesus Christ, I can promise you that he IS there, waiting for you to turn back to Him-to let Him embrace you in His arms! Just say a sincere prayer, right now and you can be there 🙂 I just want you all to know that I love this gospel more than anything. Nothing makes me happier, nothing brings me close to my family, nothing brings me more peace, nothing makes me feel closer to my Savior!
You’re all amazing! Never forget that!!! Thank you a million for the emails, the love, the support and encouragement! I couldn’t ask for better family or friends-I LOVE you all so much! Being near death makes you look at things a little differently 😉 but then I realize that this gospel gives me the exact same view 🙂 Haha LOVE YOU ALL!

Love you tons!
Sister Smith 🙂


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