02/12/14 A Bold and Beautiful Week :)

This is Emily at her best – just being herself while following the inspiration from the Lord! I can just see her talking to these people, being full of energy and excitement and love, getting them to follow the Lord also! All of us who know her have experienced this firsthand from her. What a great instrument she is in the Lord’s hands!!!

Check out all of the haha’s in her letter. It’s easy to find and count them, they’re all underlined with red. And, check out all of the words purposely spelled with extra letters. I’m sure this is how she talks to the investigators and less-actives also. LOVE IT! 😉

Thank you to everyone who is writing her and supporting her emotionally. You know how much she loves people and you know how much it means to her. It means the same to me also!
Emily’s Mom

Haha familia, you guys are the BEST! I love love love hearing from you, it seriously makes me feel SO special and SO loved every day of my life 🙂 I’m so blessed because of all of you 🙂
Well! Just a warning this is probably gonna be a sweetly long email cuz I feel like i haven’t send a good, long email in a while anddd this week was totally BOMB DIGGATY my friends!! 🙂
So! We taught John the Word of Wisdom! It was my first time teaching the Word of Wisdom in real life (aka not the MTC) anddd it was AWESOME! He’s developed an addiction to smoking and he told us when we first started meeting with him he told us that Jesus wanted him to stop smoking. So, we were excited to go really in depth with the Law of Health with him. During the lesson we were feeling a little stuck for a bit because he’s feeling like he can’t start the ”process”of quitting until he gets a job. So we were super blessed and were able to be prompted by the Spirit to make a list on the chalkboard in the church of things that would help him to avoid smoking starting now! It was awesome! Really hands on, and we were really up front with him and told him how confident we were that he could quit smoking with the Lord’s help 🙂 haha so we asked him to pick one thing on the list for him to concentrate on for beginning to stop smoking. He chose to chew gum instead! So we told him, John we will get you gum!! Haha so we went and got him like 7 packs of gum with 18 sticks a pack hahaha and when we went over the next day, I started pulling out gum and handing them to him hahahah and he was like ”man, you guys really want me to quit don’t you?” Hahahaha and I said ”whatever it takes John! We believe in you!” Haha it was awesome 🙂 he is one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met! Please pray that he’ll be able to overcome his addiction 🙂
And EDGAR! He’s already trying to wean off coffee and we haven’t even taught him the Word of a Wisdom! What a champ! Haha we explained to him a lot about baptism because he had all these misconceptions from his friend haha craaaazy things I probably can’t say…but we cleared it all up so we’re good now!
We met with a less active this week named Barbara and whoooowweeee! Let me tell you, I have never had anyone talk that boldly to me before in my life! It was AWESOME! Hahaha. So we pulled up to her house and it was completely covered in snow and we couldn’t get to the door so we called her and asked her if we could come in. Haha so she let us in and when we sat down she started saying, now ladies I’m not very good company right now and I’m still not used to having sisters around. I talked to the George’s and they defended you, but I’m just not very good company. Hahahah basically she ended up saying she didn’t really want to talk to us and didn’t have anything to say so she was like, so ladies what’s it gonna be? Haha we felt soooo awkward at first, and in my head I was like…so she just told us she doesn’t want us here, should we leave??? Haha but decided that we really needed to be able to talk to her since it’s super hard getting in to meet with her ever. So we joked with her about the George family she loves in the ward and about previous missionaries and then asked her about her conversions story and such and things started chilling out more and she really started opening up more 🙂 anyway, long story short, we were SO glad she was straight up with us and we were able to bear testimony to her and to really help understand her and how she feels about her membership in the church (she hasn’t been in like over 20 years, which is normal for the less actives in this area). And we ended up talking about the temple and how she wants to badly to go back! she turned out being super sweet at the end and was laughing so hard with us! I am soooo grateful for the Spirit of God and for the loving hands of our Father in Heaven that helps soften people’s hearts and to open up the homes and the hearts of the people in this world. I know this is a real power. I know that it is the Lord’s power. I know that this church is the only true church-I know it is! The Lord has told me this and I could never deny it.
Ah! And just one more thing, we had THREE fantastic less active families come to a church on Sunday!! Brother Meyer, who we go to his family’s house every Saturday and teach his wife and daughter and we have been teaching since before I got in this area. But I guess he was super touched because after sacrament he turned to me and said, ”sisters, I really appreciate you coming around the house, I really do.” It melted my heart! Moments like that in the mission mean the world to me:) and the Gonzales family (both the elders and us sisters have been meeting with them) stayed even past the second hour! They said they LOVED it and wanted gospel principles to last more than 2 hours! It was the greatest thing ever! I LOVE church! I wish sooo many more people would come to church, the spirit that is felt there and the hope and peace that come flooding into my heart and into the hearts of those that attend, is indescribable. Hahn never stop going to church, never stop turning to your Savior, he is the light and the LIFE of our lives 🙂
So I gots to go,but I really hope you have he greatest week EVER my lovely family 🙂 And go find someone this week that could use your help! Everyone needs a friend! And everyone needs some more love, so go find those people!
Love you to the moon and back!
Sister Smith 🙂

Ps got Meg’s Weedding invite, MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER! Ahhh what a beautiful couple. 🙂 I show like everyone I seeee 🙂
Ps so I’ve decided I LOVE bold people! And watch out, when I come home in like 5 years, I might be a little more bold 😉

Chad-have you heard of a Bugatti Beran? Apparently it’s a suuuuper sweet car that Elder Nielson told me about and when he was talking about it, I thought of you!

Benbo-duuude I can’t believe you’re in 9th grade! How is Mountain View going? I met another Ben that’s 14 too! Reminds me of you. 🙂



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