02/06/2014 Blizzards and Blessings

Hey familia!

Sorry this is super short, we had transfers/pday today and it’s just been kinda crazy the past two days, but we’re doing super well in Danbury! So I guess the blizzard we had Tuesday night/Wednesday was actually like 12 inches or something! Haha pretty exciting eh? 🙂

Well just real quick, Edgar (our pretty new investigator) totally and definitely came to church on Sunday!!!!!!! It was incredible! Haha and he was saying after sacrament that he needed to get his car fixed, but we basically tricked him into staying the three hours hehee. Haha we didn’t really trick him, we were just like, well gospel principles is next, come this way! Hahaha it was superb though, the ward was super welcoming, and the members we’ve had at lessons came up and talked to him, including the bishop! Ahhhh I LOVE this ward, they are the most selfless and welcoming ward! Which is SUCH a blessing! The Veach family didn’t come and because of all the snow we haven’t been able to meet with them this week but we’re gonna really push and make sure they come to church this Sunday!

So Hermana Keanini left yesterday:( She was a superb missionary and I have looked up to her soooo much! We are definitely missing her at the apartment, but we’re super excited for the new sister too!!! Elder Fronk, who works with us in the Danbury ward, along with Elder Schoenfeld, is leaving for south Mannhattan now (which is where my MTC companion, sister Jensen is)! Elder Fronk has been in this ward for 8 months and so the ward was pretty bummed when they heard he was leaving-and he knows a tonnnn about the ward and the area, haha. So we’re super sad to see him go too, but we know he’ll do superbly in the next part of his mission! I guess this is the first transfer that changes have really been made, so I’m beginning to feel the more feeling of what missionaries feel, with all the changes! Two elders in our zone were waiting for visas, Elder Savage is now in India and Elder Wheeler is going to Brazil on Tuesday! Haha i know you don’t know these people but they’re the missionaries I came out with too so it’s super fun to see them go on new adventures!

John is doing really well, we’re just taking baby steps with him because sometimes he feels like its information overload if we teach him a lot at a time, but he’s been reaching out to his family, so we can tell that the gospel is having a great effect on his life! This gospel is incredible! It really does improve the quality of our lives, hands down! Oh and a less active of ours, Paulina, came to church!!!!! So Sunday was fannnntastic!! She was listening to the testimonies and then turned to me and was like, do you think I should go up? I kinda really want to go up, but I’m shaking….and I was like YEAH! If you want to, definitely go up!!! She’s suuuuuper cute 🙂 so she went up and said it was her first time bearing her testimony in front of people, we were SO HAPPY for her!!!! Ah seeing people bear their testimonies, especially simple and heart-felt testimonies, just makes my heart flutter 🙂

I love this gospel family! I love you all so much! Thank you a billion times over for the letters and emails, you’re all one in a million! See you all in like two years!

Love forever and always,

Sister Smith 🙂


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