01/22/2014 Interviews and Creepin’

Que pasa mi familia!

How are you guys doing? Your emails, let me tell you, are the greatest thing EVER. Just don’t want you to ever forget that! Or ever think that I don’t appreciate them because I LOVE them 🙂
First off, want to say CONGRATS to Jon Lemaire on making it official and becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! You’ll never regret it 🙂 I’m glad everyone had a good time at the baptism, I’m sure the Spirit was so strong!  What a champ!
Well we had interviews with PRESIDENT MORGAN 🙂 He is an incredible man! So our interviews were about twenty minutes, haha but mine was only 5 minutes. Guess I’m not causing too much trouble out here 😉 But it was awesome meeting with him and being able to discuss how I can be a better missionary by better living the Doctrine of Christ every day of my life!
We are teaching someone new! His name is Edgar and he is SOOO AWESOME! We ran into him a week or so ago when Sister Brog (Sister Training Leader and Roommate) were on a split and we were looking up a less-active in the ward. Well Edgar actually lived there and he said we could meet up again and we could talk to him about our church! it was awesome:)
Well we met with him this past Sunday and he has researched our church and asked us all these random questions about like food storage and FHE! haha It was the greatest thing. He’s 30 and said he just feels like he needs a new direction is his life-and he feels like this is it! He’s seriously a fantastic man and I’m SO excited for him to take on this journey!!! 🙂 I’ll keep you updated on how things go!
The Veach’s are doing pretty well, we have that baptismal date set for them-but we couldn’t meet with them yesterday because there was a huge snowstorm again and we weren’t allowed to drive…but we’ll meet with them tomorrow! We found out they’re married! Hallelujah! haha the past missionaries said they weren’t married so we were worried that would be a stumbling block…but we can do all things through Christ! So no worries! 🙂
John is doing well! Poor guy, he just really wants to be able to progress more, but he feels like he’s just not ready to-so we’re taking things kinda slow with him. But he’s only been meeting with us for like 3-4 weeks and he’s already reading in JACOB! What a champ!!!!!
Alienda (the woman from Cambodia) has been avoiding us, which is totally a bummer, but hopefully her heart will be softened, or maybe she’s just not ready for the Gospel at this moment…
haha did anyone else feel like a creeper on the mission? Maybe it’s just in the states, but we call and stop by people’s houses a ton haha and there was a point this week where we went by this potential’s home and she saw us in the window and then walked away, and then as we were walking away from the house, all her blinds were down…haha we felt pretty bad cuz we’ve stopped by a couple times over the past 2 months and she hasn’t been home, but her roommate that doesn’t really like us has been there…haha sometimes I just feel like a creeper, that’s all 😉
We also met with a less-active in our ward named Corey. He’s 24 and although he’s considered “less-active”, It was amazing to be able to hear his testimony! He’s a great guy and we were sooo proud of how he has still held onto his testimony, even with all that he’s been through! But I can really see how this gospel has helped him with it all too! This gospel is so powerful 🙂 Seriously, it CHANGES lives, for SUCH good!!! 🙂
I just want you all to know that I KNOW this gospel is true. I KNOW this church is the one and only church that has the FULLNESS of the gospel. What a blessing to have sooo much knowledge about how we can get back and live with our loving Heavenly Father. I hope to see you all there one day, don’t let anything pull you away from that 🙂
Love you to the moon and back,
Sister Smith 🙂
PS. Please watch the Mormon Message titled “Earthly Father, Heavenly Father” it is seriously one of my favorite videos now. I feel so blessed to be able to use our iPads to share wonderful messages with people and to be able to discover incredible videos 🙂
PS The temple is BEAUTIFUL! ahhh I’m so glad you all got to go to the open house! I absolutely adore that temple!!! What an incredible experience that was 🙂 Let’s all go in again when I get back in like 2 years kay? 😉
Pictures: A woman we met on Sunday from Chile! She’s the sweetest woman and wanted to take a picture with us. haha shout out to Elder Klepinger! Does anyone have his emaill?
So I have a habit of saying “champ” a lot now. haha like, oh yeah he’s a champ! haha so Sister Westlund was like “you have to take a picture with that!”
This is what happens when Elders play basketball….looks like he has an eye on his eye right? Yeah an Elder came down with his fingernail accidentally on his eye…he got it super-glued or stitched I think…

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