Heyo beautiful family 🙂

I just want to say…
HALLELUJAH JON LEMAIRE IS GETTING BAPTIZED! Haha too much? Nawwww, I’m super duper insanely excited 🙂 Let it be known, Mikki Jay was the first to tell me and, no joke, I’ve been telling like EVERY single missionary I talk to! cuz i’m PUMPED! I know the road will be hard, especially just even up to that beautiful date of January 18,2014-Satan is the worrrst with that kind of stuff, but the Lord will protect and give Jon strength- I know it! I’m just soooooo happy for him 🙂 What a blessing! What a wonderful new year! What a fantastic life we live!!! 🙂 CONGRATS JON!!! 🙂 (please take pictures and send them to meeee!) I would looove to hear his story if you ever the chance 🙂
Speaking of baptisms…
The Veach family COMMITTED TO BAPTISM! Awwwww what a wonderful life 🙂 haha it’s the little things, really, that just make me sooo happy 🙂 So Lulu and Jack (the mother and the 10 yr old) are really the only ones that are super solid and are like-yeah we want to be baptized! But most of the family is still there in the lessons (they have 5 boys) and I know that Lulu and Jack are definitely going to be strengths and examples to their family-so we’re still working on all of them and know that the Spirit can change their life! They’re all fantastic people 🙂 Seriously people, miracles happen!!! 🙂
I just know that the Lord is SO aware of us. Sister Westlund and I were really struggling at first when we were beginning to teach the Veach family-they didn’t seem to be understanding what we were talking about and we were really struggling with which lesson they really needed, which pieces we needed to emphasize or re-teach, things like that. But we were fasting and praying, seeking advice from our leaders, but mostly seeking advice from our Heavenly Father. We knew that the Lord would provide and he DID! The next lesson we had with them, we finally felt like they understood it all! like they were increasing in faith! We know it wasn’t what we did, but what the Lord did 🙂 The Lord is so merciful, aaaaallll the time 🙂
I think it really all changed when they started reading the Book of Mormon as a family together! The Book of Mormon changes lives, I kid you not! If you haven’t read it- please read it
If you aren’t reading it every day-try it! Observe the differences, they’re huge 🙂
Haha sorry I’ll get off my soap box 😉
Oh other cool story-we got to write a letter to a woman in prison! She’s a less-active and when we found out she is in prison right now we were like “oh that makes sense why she’s less-active!” but really, it was super cool being able to write her a letter- we might be able to go in and visit her once we get more information from the ward and from our leaders 🙂
I know the Lord is directing this work! Our other investigator- John is aweeesome but he is having a lot of clarity challenges. He had cancer some years back and he is still having some trouble with some bad effects from the treatments. But he is SUPER. He reads the Book of Mormon in DEPTH and doesn’t move on until he understands exactly what’s going on in the story-but basically on Friday we had a lesson with him and we were really trying to get a member there so that he could feel more fellowshipping. The Lord directs this work! We were able to get a Sister in the ward to come and it was definitely inspired that she was able to come! She knew EXACTLY what to say to John and kid you not- we felt like we didn’t even say anything the whole lesson-they just both talked to each other, she bore her testimony a TON about her experiences in her husband investigating the church, and also just within in her life-how the gospel has blessed her. It was so great! After the lesson, he was thanking her for coming and said that a ton of things she told him were EXACTLY what he needed to hear 🙂
Well I gots to go, but I hope you all have the greatest week of your lives!
Go to the Gilbert Temple Open House! I am soooo mucho mucho jealous you get to go 😉 haha but seriously, use it like CRAZY for missionary work! The temple is the most incredible place on this earth and I absolutely love it 🙂 The blessings of the temple are eternal and I know that it is the greatest place to be! And I helped BUILD it! haha well paint it 😉 let me know if it looks good-aaaaah I bet it’s beautiful 🙂
Lots of love,
Sister Smith 🙂
Oh and I cut my hair! Happy New Year!

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