30 October 2013

30 October 2013 – Emily’s MTC Companion – Sis. Jensen


I have the greatest companion, just so you know!
Her name is Sister Jensen and I am not kidding you, we have SO much in common! Haha except she’s blonde and super cute 😉 hahaha. But really, she’s a dancer and did drill team FOREVER is a dance teacher and I just love love love her so much! haha we laugh waaaayy too hard sometimes, but we’re also super focused on bettering the work and on bettering ourselves and each other! ahh I love her so much! haha we both were saying how we are SO grateful and SO happy that the other person is super nice and non-judgmental because we both were terrified coming out that our companion would be hard to get along with. haha the Lord is merciful! haha we have a blast and seriously are always on the same page about things! I love it!

More about my one and only beautiful and irreplaceable Sister Jensen! She is my Sister and my Companionnnn! She’s wonderful, oh so wonderful. She, not even kidding, is soooo much like Kylie Smith! I kid you not! She’s got sassiness and spunk and happiness and funness (does that make sense? haha) She’s also hilarious like Mikayla Jones 🙂 and she’s got boldness like Sarah Shill! BAM! Basically she’s the haha one time I told her that sometimes when she makes funny noises or voices, that she reminds me of Hannah Montannah in the good old days back on Disney channel! I ‘m gonna send a pic of her and me, haha that’s basically all we do is take a companion picture every day. I need to figure out the picture sending deal…haha we’ll see! But she did drill team in high school so me and her talk about dance and how we are doing our best not do dance (haha I don’t think missionaries can dance actually, it specifically says that in gym but we’ll find out in the mission field haha).

I love Sister Jensen, we will forever and always be the greatest of friends!!!

FIRST COMPANION IN THE FIELD (Her Trainer) – Sis. Westlund – FIRST AREA – Danbury, CT

21 Nov. 2013 Emily and her first companion/trainer, Sister Westlund

21 Nov. 2013 Emily and her first companion/trainer, Sister Westlund

I literally just met my new companion, trainer and mother, Sister Westlund! Sister Westlund is from Utah and is about 9 months older than me. haha poor Sister Westlund, she gets hit on a lot out here haha she’s a champ for taking it all so well! I seriously love Sister Westlund, she is SUCH a champ, has taught me SO much, is so patient with me, and just is so kind to me all the timeeee-which is wonderful 🙂 She is so passionate about the work and it ALWAYS gets me going! She has SUCH a strong testimony and she’s such a great example to me 🙂 She’s hilarious- you would LOVE her!

Kimberly said that ever since she talked to Sister Westlund, she’s been praying and feels like God is gonna answer her prayers. Sister Westlund, the Elders, and I got to participate in our ward’s Christmas Party, doing a skit/singing! Legitimately soooo fun 🙂 We were all such hams!
Not even kidding, having a companion is just like having a best friend with you 24/7. it’s the!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love Sister Westlund, we will forever and always be the greatest of friends!!! Oh and I’m not getting transferred! Sister Westlund and I are together in DANBURY AGAIN! :):):)  Sister Westlund and I are doing a lot of studying and praying and advice-seeking because both of us have never worked with someone with an addiction, but we’ll definitely keep you posted!
I really love Sister Westlund, she has been the most incredible trainer for me and we are soooo tight, haha I adore her! I was superrr sad to see Sister Westlund, my one and only trainer, leave-but I know she’s doing PHENOMENAL things up in Kingston, NY, opening up that area for sisters there! I think Sister Westlund is coming down for his baptism! How blessed are we? 🙂
SECOND COMPANION (Brand new missionary that she’s training) – Sis Laron – STAYING IN Danbury, CT
I’m training a new missionary. So she just got here! 🙂 her name is Sister Larson and she’s from Safford, AZ!!!!!!!!! I just love Arizona people 😉 hahaha but really, I am SO excited!! She’s 19 and she already seems waaaay nice and super chill! We are so ready to work hard and to have the best time doing it!! 🙂 Here she is!!! Sister Whitney Larson herself! My new best friend!!!!! 🙂 PS. My darling little companion (she’s not really little idk why I said that) has gotten hit on about 4 time in ex to past couple of days, all by black guys-hahah just felt like sharing that! She’s got the light of a Christ in her! And the cutest curly hair 😉
2014-05-10 Three generations at Edgar's baptism - me, Sis. Larson, and Sis. Westlund

10 May 2014 Three generations at Edgar’s baptism – Emily, Sis. Larson, and Sis. Westlund

She’s AWESOME!!!!! Ahhh I also just love new missionaries and their enthusiasm. Not even kidding, I’m still a new missionary though so two of us together is the BEST! 😉 But she already has shown me so many insights and doctrine, helped us really buckle down and organize our area book on the iPad (doing things I didn’t even know how) haha and is really helping me improve and stretch in ways I didn’t think I could! She’s superb!!!! And an incredible missionary, I really feel so honored to be her companion 🙂 Sister Larson helps us more and more to be a better companionship – she’s the bomb 🙂 Please pray for Sister Larson too though, she’s been on and off real sick, poor thing…she’s such a champ and just wants to go out and keep working!! What a champ 🙂 Sister Larson and I are learning how to make better goals, based off FAITH and WORK! I’m so glad I have her in my life 🙂 We’ve been running around like crazy!

THIRD COMPANION (Fellow Sister Training Leader) – Sis. Toone – NEW AREA – South Manhattan and Harlem

I am in South Manhattan now! Crazy, huh?? My companion is Sister Toone and she is DOPE! She is AWESOME!!!!!! She’s been out over a year, she was Sister Westlund (my trainer)’s companion in the MTC! She’s from Hyrum/Layton, UT and we are the same age! She’s super chill and superrr sweet and sassy! Hahaha I love her to pieces, we were talking about our vision for the area (VGPA=Vision, Goals, Plans, Accountability) and I said “I just really want to work hard…” And she said “YES! I’m so glad because I just really want to work so hard too!” Basically we are meant to be and we are SO STOKED to work together 🙂 🙂

Emily and Sis. Toone in South Manhattan/Harlem area.

11 June 2014 Emily and Sis. Toone in South Manhattan/Harlem area.

Sister Toone and I were kinda down that day and we had a really hard time understanding why, but we had a really good heart-to-heart talk and really just turned to Hevenly Father for help through prayer and understanding each other better and Heavenly Father just truly is the best and allowed us to teach a most humble and beautiful family last night. As Sister hastaught me, we don’t become converted to the gospel essentially why what we KNOW, but by what we FEEL. God is amazing 🙂

I’m so excited for the day you get to meet Sister Toone-she is certainly one INCREDIBLE missionary. I’ve never felt so openwith someone not in my family, especially as we have been learning about ourselves and growing together. I’m so grateful  for her! Sister Toone and I are staying together another cycle!!!!!!!! Haha I was SO happy, I love this girl way too much 🙂 she is seriously like a mixture of Megan, Sarah, and Mikayla, need I say more?? Every single day, Sister Toone and I get asked if we are literally sisters:) haha funny cuz she reminds me so much of Megs 🙂 and she’s just simply fantastic! Do you think we look like sisters? Are you friends with Sister Toone’s mom? Haha you should friend her! You would like her 🙂


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