Areas Assigned to Serve

The Field is White

As Sister Smith enters the field and is assigned to an area, this is where I will let you know where she has been assigned. Transfers are every six (6) weeks, but missionaries are not always transferred every transfer. As Sister Smith is transferred, I will let you know here.

FIRST AREA – Danbury, Connecticut – This is one of the areas where her Grandpa Morris served while serving a mission in the Northeastern States Mission from 1950-1952. Her districts includes the towns of Brewster and Carmel, NY and Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, and Sherman, CT.

SECOND AREA – Harlem and South Manhattan, NY – She was transferred here on 11 June 2014.  Here’s how she describes this area, “Our ward is called the Morningside Heights ward. We cover 125th to 76th West of Central Park. I live in Harlem in a cute little apartment. It’s never quiet, anywhere. Haha. We ride the subway, buses, and walk a TON, so I’m loving just feeling absolutely exhausted at night!”S

Her new companion is Sis. Toone. She describes Sis. toone as “AWESOME!!!!!! She’s been out over a year, she was Sister Westlund (my trainer)’s companion in the MTC! She’s from Hyrum/Layton, UT and we are the same age! She’s super chill and superrr sweet and sassy! Hahaha I love her to pieces, we were talking about our vision for the area (VGPA=Vision, Goals, Plans, Accountability) and I said “I just really want to work hard…” And she said “YES! I’m so glad because I just really want to work so hard too!” Basically we are meant to be and we are SO STOKED to work together :):)”

And, she has been called as a Sister Training Leader as part of the transfer. She said, “As a Sister Training Leader we go on splits with the 16 Sisters (8 companionships) in our two zones and just help them with anything we can. We go to Mission Leadership Council once a month (which used to be called Zone Training or Meeting or something like that..haha) and we report back to President on the welfare of the sisters. Basically we just get to love the sisters and I’m excited to do that :)”


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